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IntertiaLED CAN Bus LED Lights Review

The Brightest LED Turn Signal Replacement?

IntertiaLED CAN Bus LED Lights Review Summary
Review Summary

InertiaLED is a new company that makes LED light towers that work with the BMW, KTM and other CAN bus systems.

No additional CAN bus load resistor (review)is required, as it is for other types of LEDs on CAN bus motorcycles.

So far, the company makes an LED tower that will replace 10 Watt turn signals, including the RY10W and 12093.

These are “plug and play” LED lights with no additional work needed.

I wish I had a set of these before I installed the incredibly expensive BMW LED turn signal replacement lights (review) that cost me $246.00!

The InertiaLED lights are incredibly bright — we’re calling these the brightest LED turn signal lights we have seen so far…and we’ve been reviewing motorcycle LED lights since they first became available over 15 years ago.

The light from the InertiaLED towers also has a “full” amber color and they play nice with all of the reflectors we’ve tried so far.

But wait — there’s a bonus!

Besides the RY10W in the BMW, these LEDs will work in non-CAN bus systems also, without requiring the “LED diode fix“.

I installed a pair on the latest webBikeWorld project bike, a 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT ABS (report coming soon).

The Versys uses the 10 Watt 12093 incandescent bulb behind a “crystal” clear lens. The InertiaLED lights work perfectly and give a much brighter, “fuller” looking light.

Besides the additional brightness, the LED light comes on faster than an incandescent bulb, which has a build-up and decay. We illustrated this in the included video.

The InertiaLED lights are currently available in amber or white to replace the RY10W stock bulbs used on the BMW F800S (Blog) and others.

They also replace the 10W 12093 on the Versys and bulbs used in other motorcycles and other vehicles.

The LEDs come in either 150-degree (BMW and Kawasaki) and 180-degree pin placements, so be sure to check that before ordering.

Let’s take a look in photos (and video)…

CAN Bus LED Bulb Sizes
The InertiaLED light “towers”, shown in amber. RY10W in the rear.

Technical Information

Again, make sure you order the correct pin placement, either 180-degree or 150-degree for the RY10W and 12093.

InertiaLED told me that a standard 12093 bulb has a maximum amperage of 0.833 and their replacement LED is 0.700 Amps, so it should be fine.

The InertiaLED lights are rated at 10 Watts, 700mA.

They require an input of 9 to 18 Volts, so they will not work as a 21 Watt 1156, 7506 or 7507 replacement, but InertiaLED is in final development of a CAN bus LED replacement for those 21 Watt bulbs.

The load resistor system that gets the OK from the CAN bus is built into the light, along with a heat sink.

You also do not need a diode in the turn signal electrics, which is required on some non-CAN bus motorcycles to solve the “fast blinking” problem that can happen when LED replacements are installed.

The lights put out a claimed 700 Lumens, which is a lot of light. They do get warm so are currently rated only for turn signals and not for continuous use.

wBW Video: InteriaLED CAN Bus LED Lights
CAN Bus LED Bulb Type Comparison
CAN Bus LED bulb size comparison.
Incandescent vs. LED Bulb Comparison
The incandescent RY10W on the left and the IntertiaLED on the right, mounted on the BMW F800S.
CAN Bus LED Bulb Brightness
The IntertiaLED lights are brighter and “fuller” than any other LED turn signal replacements we have reviewed to date.
Bulb Base Types
150-degree base vs. 180-degree base.
BMW Motorcycle Instruments
No light error warning with the InertiaLED lights installed!
CAN Bus LED Bulbs


The IntertiaLED CAN Bus LED lights for the 10 Watt replacement currently list for $59.98 for a pair, with free shipping. That’s actually pretty reasonable considering the amount of money you can waste on cheap LEDs that aren’t as bright as an incandescent.


Super bright, easy to use, no messing about with load resistors and they also work on non-CAN Bus systems. What’s not to like?

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Manufacturer: IntertiaLED
List Price (2015): $59.98/pair
Colors: Clear or Amber
Made In: Korea
Sizes: Fits various motorcycles.
Review Date: October 2015
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