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Interphone Sport, Tour and Urban Intercoms Preview

2016 Interphone Intercoms Announced

Interphone Sport, Tour and Urban Intercoms Review Summary
Review Summary
December 2015 (Press release edited by – Interphone announced three completely new intercom communication systems at the recent 2015 EICMA show in Milan.

The Interphone Sport, Interphone Tour and Interphone Urban are each designed for specific segments of motorcycling.

Interphone told us they contracted with the GFK Institute to conduct a detailed research program with nearly 700 motorcycle intercom users over several months to get detailed feedback on what users want in an intercom system.

GFK Institute has also conducted studies for Ducati and BMW Motorrad, so they are familiar with the motorcycle community.

The three new intercom systems are the result of this work and Interphone is in the final stages of testing, with sales to commence in early Spring 2016.

The main “take away” point from the research is that motorcyclists don’t necessarily want a “big features list”; they prefer a system that will perform very well in a few essential features: the intercom, phone, connectivity and music streaming.

Interphone added a few things, including maximizing the battery life (15 hours) with the fast recharging (90 minutes).

Interphone also said they have added “the best sound quality for intercom, music and phone calls”.

A user friendly operating system was a must; Interphone said they wanted to provide the easiest and most user-friendly interface possible, which actually means removing all the menus from the device!

The goal is for an owner to unbox the product, install it on the helmet and use it without even reading the manual.

They told us that this was quite a challenge, because “everyone else in our market when speaking about the products usually just reads the list of features”.

The idea is to “offer a new experience to our users, with the fun provided by an intercom and without the bad points typical of a technological device”.

Most of the details are still being kept under wraps until the official rollout, but here’s a quick look at each of the new intercom systems (via the edited press release text) and we’ll have a review of each as soon as possible!

Interphone Sport

Interphone Sport

The Interphone Sport is dedicated to everyone who likes to stay connected. Through the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone, you can listen to hi-fi-quality music and get directions from your GPS.

What’s more, you can share music with your passenger and listen to your favorite radio stations.

The Interphone Sport encompasses technology and connectivity. It’s the ideal travelling companion for anyone who wants to enjoy sharing the excitement of a motorcycle trip with friends.

The Interphone Sport can connect up to four motorcyclists within a maximum distance of 1 km. It is fitted with advanced functions that allow it to connect to any Bluetooth Interphone intercom on the market.

It can be voice activated (VOX) and automatically reconnects if you get cut off from the other systems.

The system include the new extra-long battery life and the Fast Charge function for ultra-fast charging.

The Interphone Sport will have a list price of €229.00 for the single kit and €399.00 for the dual kit.

Interphone Tour

Interphone Tour

The Interphone Tour is the top-of-the-line system in the new Interphone product line by Cellularline.

This system features high-level construction quality and an elegant shape featuring a Black Chrome titanium body.

The Interphone Tour can connect up to four motorcyclists within a maximum distance of 1.5 km.

It is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and it will let you receive and make calls, listen to music and follow GPS directions.

Compatible with all motorcycle helmet models, the Interphone Tour is totally waterproof.

The battery has record-breaking user life of 15 hours and it can be recharged rapidly thanks to Fast Charge technology. It’s the perfect interphone for long journeys.

The Interphone Tour is easy to install and it combines advanced technology, design and user friendliness.

Available from early 2016, the Interphone Tour will have a list price of €269.00 for the single kit and €489.00 for the dual kit.

Interphone Sport

Interphone Urban

The Interphone Urban is designed for city and commuting use. Dynamic and with colorful details, it is compatible with the majority of helmets available on the market today.

With the Interphone Urban you can receive calls on your daily commute and confidently reach any destination by following the directions from your Bluetooth-connected GPS.

But if you like traveling outside the city with your partner, the Interphone Urban is also perfect because of the easy driver-passenger communication that’s essential for sharing the excitement of a journey.

Thanks to its record-breaking battery life, traveling will never be the same again.

Fitted with an FM radio, music streaming and with GPS connectivity, the Interphone Urban is not only easy to use but also complete with functions and perfect in any weather conditions.

Available in black with orange keys and details, the Interphone Urban will list for €139.00 for the single kit and €249.00 for the dual kit.

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