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International Female Ride Day in May 

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Female riders around the world are being invited to take part in the 16th annual International Female Ride Day (IFRD) on Saturday May 7. 

The ride’s call to action “Just Ride!” asks women to be on their motorcycles or powered two and three-wheelers on the first Saturday of May each year. 

IFRD was created in 2007 by Vicki Gray, a lifetime motorcycling advocate, road, and race instructor.

Her purpose is to profile and highlight the many diverse female riders, build awareness and strive for parity for women in motorcycling.

Many motorcycle manufacturers are promoting the day, including Harley which has long marketed to women as a growth area given they are half the population but represent less than 20% of riders. In Australia it’s as low as 12%.

Another company promoting heavily to women and encouraging them to ride on IFRD is Can-Am, the makers of the three-wheeled Spyder and Ryker roadsters.

Women with the Can-Am Ryker

They have organised rides and ambassadors in Australia, the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

CanAm Global Consumer Public Relations Brian Manning says that because of their focus on growing female ridership, Can-Am is heavily involved.

“We have rides lined up all over the world plus a call-to-action out to our owners to hit the streets that day,” he says from Quebec. 

“We anticipate a lot of love from women coming together to celebrate their  mutual passion for riding.”

One of the biggest hurdles to riding often quoted by women is the fear of dropping a bike and not being able to pick it up.

It’s not an issue with a three-wheeler … and of course it’s not an issue if you learn properly and don’t drop the bike.

Nor is it really an issue if you know how to pick up a big bike as shown in this video.

However, it remains a hurdle that doesn’t exist for the Can-Am Spyder family.

Consequently, Can-Am claims a much higher proportion of female owners than any other brand.

More than 38% of their entry level three-wheeled Can-Am Ryker owners are female.

It’s about double the number of women who ride in the USA and about three times the female involvement in motorcycling in places such as Australia and Europe.

Can-Am’s success is the envy of other motorcycle companies which are gradually realising they should be targeting the forgotten half of the population.

That’s why they are organising rides for IFRD on May 7:

  • Australia

In Sydney, Can-Am Ambassador Helen Chik, editor of the popular lifestyle magazine, Grazia, will be riding her Ryker alongside others to celebrate the day.

  • Helen with her Ryker


In Ontario, Olympic Games gold medalist and member of the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team, Natalie Spooner, will join TV host, Sherry Holmes, for a group ride that’s open to Can-Am owners.

  • USA

In Los Angeles, Can-Am ambassador, actress and model, Karrueche Tran, will host a ride with Can-Am Spyder and Ryker owners.

In 28 other cities around the U.S., the US Spyder Ryders owners’ group is holding rides to mark the occasion.

  • Europe

In the UK, Can-Am ambassador, Sophie Morgan, will be riding her Can-Am Ryker with others to take part in the day’s efforts.

In Lausanne, Switzerland, the Can-Am team based out of the BRP office there will be taking to the streets to celebrate.

In Germany, the Ladies Riding Class community, which counts about thirty members, will also hit the road for the occasion. 

  • Latin America

In Puerto Rico, singer-songwriter, Calma Carmona, will also participate in a “GRRRL Ride” event behind the handlebars of her Can-Am Ryker.

Can-Am is inviting all women riders to “Just Ride” on May 7 to celebrate IFRD along with these riders. If you do, use #IFRD2022 to be part of the movement! 

Click here for more about the Can-Am Women of On-Road program and the brand’s participation in IFRD.