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Indian unveil beautiful FTR 1200 Carbon

2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon beautiful

Indian Motorcycle has unveiled a beautiful FTR 1200 Carbon version, but as suspected it is quite expensive.

It features carbonfibre fenders, tank, airbox cover, and headlight and tail cowls, but not wheels.

The Carbon costs $2000 more than the flagship Race Replica and a whopping $4000 more than the FTR 1200 S on which it is based.

So that’s $26,995 ride away for what amounts to a basically cosmetic update, a beautiful one at that.2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon beautiful

There is no performance improvement in the carbon.

In fact, the lightweight carbon fibre parts do not make it any lighter than the FTR 1200 S which s also fitted with an Akrapovič low-mount dual exhaust.

While carbon fibre wheels may have improved handling, braking, steering and wheelie-ing ability, they may have added about $3000 more.

Beautiful FTR 1200 Carbon

In fact, the only performance difference we can find it is actually has a smaller 260mm rear disc, just 5mm smaller.

Not sure if that makes a difference in performance, but it would be a shame if it did as we found in our review of the Race Replica that the rear disc is not just there for show. It works well in the gravel to dig in and steer the bike.2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon beautiful

Apart from the same engine, frame and suspension, the Carbon has all of the other S features such as 4.3 LED touchscreen, ride modes, cruise control, USB port, traction control, and LED lighting.

Sales figures

The Carbon model comes as parent company Polaris has announced their motorcycle sales were up by 2% (they never reveal actual unit sales) in the first quarter.

This is despite global motorcycle sales decreasing and Harley-Davidson sales down by 17.7%.

Polaris Industries claim it is the result of strong sales of FTR 1200 and the new Challenger liquid-cooled tourer.