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Indian Motorcycles ‘First Movers’ Celebration Series, Episode 1

Randy "Detroit" Hayward and the Electric 1929 Indian 4

A view of the all-new 1929 Indian Four that features an electric powertrain

Count on Indian Motorcycles to commemorate the best of our community with something as neat as this. 

America’s first motorcycle brand has officially kicked off a new four-part series, dedicated to celebrating the ‘First Movers,’ or members of the motorcycle industry that have contributed and made their mark on this space. 

As a Moto-artist dedicated to unique, beautiful builds, Randy “Detroit” Hayward was chosen to be the first under the proverbial spotlight – though our report from the press release emphasizes that this guy does NOT do what he does for attention or recognition. 

His recent brainchild? An homage to the full-circle that is the current industry, prevalent in the form of a 1929 Indian Four that has been blessed with an electric powertrain. 

“I’ve been a strange kid all my life,” admits Hayward with a grin.

“Parents were sharecroppers who moved from Hawkinsville in Dodge County in Georgia. I would go to their farm we had, and I would try to bring home the tools that my father and grandfather used, because I knew their hands touched them.”

A view of the all-new 1929 Indian Four that features an electric powertrain

“I knew this was what kept our 150, 200-year old farm going in Georgia, so I’ve always had this attachment to antiques. Now I’m riding around on an electric 1929 Indian Four in the streets of Detroit!”

We’ve attached every single photo on this neat build below (overkill? Possibly. Regrets? Not one).

For more information on this build, be sure to check out the dedicated episode above. 

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*Media sourced from the relevant press release*