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Husqvarna finally recalls TR650 models

Husqvarna Strada tr650
Husqvarna Strada

Husqvarna finally has a fix for all TR650 Terra and TR650 Strada models over a stalling issue and has issued an official product safety recall.

The issue began when the models were launched in 2012 when the company was owned by BMW.

BMW purchased Husqvarna in 2007 and sold it to Pierrer Industrie, the major shareholder in KTM, in 2013 and has since refused to help Husky with the software fix.

In 2015, BMW began recalling their G 650 GS and G 650 GS Sertao over the same issue of engine stalling, blaming a software error in the BMS-E engine management ECU.

BMW G 650 GS Sertao recall tr650
BMW G 650 GS Sertao

The recall issued through the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission stated: “Software errors in the engine control unit (Digital Motor Electronics-E) can cause a faulty setting of the idle controller. In some cases, this can result in the engine stalling when it is at idle speed and the clutch is disengaged. If the engine stalls this could potentially cause an accident or hazard to the rider and other road users.”

BMW’s initial fix didn’t work and the bikes were recalled again.

Meanwhile, some 250 owners of Husqvarna TR650 Terra and Strada models have been left in limbo as the only dealerships with the diagnostics systems to reprogram the ECU were BMW dealerships.

Motorcycle rights advocate and G 650 GS Dakar owner Wayne Carruthers says it is a “scandal” as owners have been at the risk of engines dangerously stalling at traffic lights and the riders being rear-ended.

Wayne Carruthers exhaust helmets
Wayne Carruthers and his F650GS Dakar

KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia warranty and customer service manager Craig Brown told us late last year they were getting close to finding a fix with the help of ECU makers Magneti Marelli.

Today, they have finally issued the recall notice. Owners will be contacted by Husqvarna to visit a dealership for the new software.

However, over the past few years ownership may have changed hands and Husky would not be aware of the current owners. That’s why we publish all safety recalls. If you know a TR650 owner, please alert them to this article.

The problems with the TR650 highlight the broader issue of how models are supported in the marketplace after the sale of a company.

The information published with regard to the agreements between BMW and Husqvarna after the 2013 sale were that the two companies combined would support the TR650 for 10 years.


Recall notices are issued by the manufacturer through a voluntary industry code under the ACCC.

Despite hundreds of recalls by various automotive manufacturers, none has ever been mandatory.  All have been issued by the manufacturer.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• UK

• New Zealand

• Canada

  1. The sale of a company only further complicates the resolution of problems that most motorcycle companies place in the denial basket until they can’t deny. Suzuki was a classic for this, with the exploding third gear of the DR650SE that ‘was not a problem’ still they changed the gear part number how many times? until the explanation ‘people are using this bike as an adventure bike, when it was designed to chase chooks and muster docile dairy cows (on flat ground only)’. Final drive issues in R1200’s, not to mention problems in later models with headstems coming unhinged. Go to any forum and you’ll find a substantial gathering of people with common problems with their steed that are either denied totally by the manufacturer or put down to misuse, act of god, or North Korean cooking …

    (my god, 5 rounds of captcha …)

  2. In regards to this recall for the Husqvarna TR650, it is interesting that both Canada and America issued a recall for these bikes August 2016, yet the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission refused to issue a recall in Australia despite pressure from a large number of concerned owners.
    The ACCC should have held BMW to account as they were the manufacturer of this motorcycle and issued a number of recalls for the sister bike BMW G 650 GS/GS Sertao for the same stalling issue.
    The ACCC has failed to protect the interests of the consumer until overwhelming pressure from owners forced them to act. This then brings into question future support during the 10 year period noting the time taken just to get a recall issued.

  3. The hardest problem with this is the KTM didn’t get (nor want) the IP around the 650s, which have a BMW engine, built by Rotax in them.

  4. Would you do a follow up story about the Husqvarna TR650 Safety Recall.
    I am an owner of one of those motorcycles in question and though I have not experienced any problem so far with mine I would still like to have the work done, just to rule out any future problems. I did received the Recall Notice a couple weeks ago in the mail and so far I have not been able to locate a Husqvarna dealership that has the diagnostic tools to complete the recall repairs. I have tried to see if any of the BMW dealerships in my state would do the repairs since they do have the diagnostic tools but they told me they could not because it is branded Husqvarna because they no longer represent that brand.

    This is a little frustrating since both manufactures in question have a legal responsibility to the safety of the consumer in this matter.

    It seems like such a simple fix, yet both parties have totally dropped the ball in this matter, which is unfortunate since both are recognized as leaders in motorcycle performance and quality. It seems a little petty to me, both Pierrer Industries and BMW need to step up to the plate and put the safety of the consumer ahead of there brand rivalry.

    1. We did experience the stalling issue occasionally with 63000km on Karen’s now. We took our Terra back to Motosport Gold Coast & Shawn sent the ECU over to Europe as instructed by Husqvarna so they could do the Diagnostic changes necessary. Was told changeover etc would be 2/3 weeks, 6 weeks & still waiting. Wasted rego etc, very bloody frustrating.

  5. How about a recall for the dangerous death wobbles on the TR650.
    I got rid of mine after a few months, and yes I did inform the new owner of the instability at speed.
    What a good bike these would have been if they had been developed and tested properly and backed up by a decent company.
    I suspect that the release and short production run was a result of the firesale of the company.
    How many crashes have been caused? I hope nobody has been serverly injured?

  6. In regards to the stalling issue with the Husky TR 650 in the Philippines, KTM dealership was good enougth to collect from bike owners, the ECU’s and send them to Magnetti Marelli in Italy for a remap of the software.
    That solved the stalling issues for every owner of these bikes.

    1. Is it corso unione sovietica 600 Torino. Or is it motor sports via del Timavo, 33 Bologna. Do you know pls. Desprate My ECU still not done. Thank you.

  7. Hi All, just got my Ecu back from the KTM dealer no instructions put it back together .and will not start just turns over , almost like no fuel ?? Will contact dealer tomorrow.

  8. My brother sent in his ECU through the KTM dealer in Manila, Philippines (Ayala) in September 2018 and has not returned as January 2019. He sent it in after he crashed when it stalled on a corner, breaking the bones in his right foot.
    What’s the score?!

    1. Hi there I am sorry to hear about your brothers accident. Have you had any reply from KTM about the ECU at all?

      1. Yes, we got the ECU back, plugged it in and started right up…no more stalling, been riding it around

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