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HRC Offers Race Grom

Why Does Japan Get All the Cool Stuff?

The grom may very well be one of the most customizable motorcycles out there. I’ve seen plenty of groms out in the wild and I’d be lying if I sad any of them were stock. Being such a great bike choice for hooligans and stunters alike, you can typically find them outfitted with crazy wheelie bars, custom headlight assemblies etc; much like what the Honda Ruckus community does with their rides.

If you watch  MotoGP I’m sure you’ve heard of HRC. It’s Honda’s racing development branch named ‘Honda Racing Corporation’ and they build things that go very fast.

Luckily for the Grom lovers living in Japan, the highly revised 2021 Grom appears to be coming with an HRC kit making this little 125cc bike fully track-ready if that’s the route you want to go.

The kit is available from any HRC Service Shop located in japan and will come fully assembled as an entire unit; bike included. HRC removed the headlight, signals, added a dowl, muffler, exhaust system, and anything you may need to have a track day with this little rocket. 

It’s important to keep in mind that without headlights and taillights this motorcycle will be omitted from road-use and insurance so you’ll be stuck with a tiny track weapon unless you decide to add a few more of the parts HRC took off.

In the event that you are indeed fanatical enough about Groms to purchase this little race bike, Honda wants you to train for the HRC Grom Cup that they will be bringing to multiple tracks across the entire country of japan throughout 2021.