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How To Draw a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Are you an artist at heart? If not, maybe you just want to express your love for Harley Davidson motorcycles through a self-made drawing.

Whether you have drawing skills or not, here are a few videos that will guide you in bringing the image of the Harley Davidson within your mind onto the page.


This first video from Sandro Nadareishvili brings the drawing process to life through animation of how he created the Harley Davidson design from scratch. He begins by creating the outline, and then adds detail and color.


If you’re looking for more of a step by step, detailed instruction on how to draw your Harley Davidson Softail, this video is a must-see. Created by Circle Line Art School, the instructor begins by roughing out a sketch with a pencil and then adds detail and shading, bringing the motorcycle to life.


If you’re looking to learn how to draw a chopper bike, check out this video from Imiri Kuku. Watch the process from start to finish, but in a quicker, time lapsed fashion.


This video from How To Draw With Pencil shows you just that, as the video begins with a rough sketch outline of the bike and continues to add more detail and shading throughout the duration of the video.


Maybe it’s not just a motorcycle drawing you’re after, but rather one of a hot chick riding a motorcycle. If so, be sure to check out this great video from Speed Drawing Italia. This time lapsed video shows the work of a true artist and includes a high level of detail and skill.

Happy drawing!