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Honda’s Rebel 1100 Design Appears in Patent Filings

Honda Rebel 1100

A Big Daddy Rebel

Rumors of a Rebel 1100 have been out there for some time, but now there are some new patent filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that show a Honda Rebel with the Africa Twin’s engine and DCT. 

The patents and the accompanying drawings show a bike that looks almost ready for production. points to the fact that the patents show a new suspension design, which is something that usually isn’t addressed until the packaging of the engine in the frame is already done. This would help support the idea that the bike is nearing production form.

The Rebel 1100 that’s in the drawings looks a little more muscular and just bigger than the Rebel 300 and 500. This makes sense, and it honestly looks like it will be a truly killer bike.

Honda Rebel 1100

The shock design has a piggyback reservoir and the exhaust system shows the placement of the sensors. Both of these elements are dramatically different from the 300 and 500 versions of the Rebel.

The new Honda Rebel 1100 would be the first major Japanese cruiser to come out in a little while. Most Japanese brands have focused on sportbikes, naked bikes, and adventure motorcycles. With this in mind, Honda may have an opportunity here.