Honda’s GL1800 Gold Wing Gets Comfier For 2021

The Long Way Home Just Got More Comfortable

The Gold Wing will go down in history as one of the most legendary, long-running touring motorcycles ever built. They began production in 1974 and haven’t missed a year since then. The 2020 model sure looks nothing like the 1974 version, and for 2021 Honda made sure to bring the ruckus (sorry) with a plethora of comfort updates to keep this bike permanently on the “long way home”.

The first major comfort update starts at the stereo system. Honda says the new sound system has improved clarity and presence so you can hear it better at highway speeds.

If you manage to snag the top-of-the-line Gold Wing, you’ll benefit from an 11-liter boost in storage capacity with the on-board luggage system. 121 liters of storage space is much appreciated when you plan on selling your house to live as a road bandit touring the word on your Gold Wing. The backrest leaning against the storage cases on the pillion seat also sees an update in shape and geometry; hopefully, it’s even more comfortable than before.

Beyond the comfort changes, the 2021 GL1800 Gold Wing will be available in a brand new color called “Pearl Deep Mud Grey which looks exactly how it sounds. The Tour edition will be available in Gunmetal Black, and if you’re interested in riding with a DCT you’ll ‘unlock’ the Candy Ardent Red colorway.


  1. Greg
    January 6, 2021

    This article says, “They began production in 1974 and haven’t missed a year since then. “

    I’ll credit a friend of mine with pointing out that Honda did actually miss a year. There was no 2011 model year Goldwing, That was the period when Honda moved production of the Goldwing from Ohio, USA to Japan.

    From the wikipedia Goldwing article (link below): “The 2010 model year was the last to be produced in the United States, and no 2011 model year Gold Wings were produced while manufacturing was transferred to Japan in 2012”.

    • January 6, 2021

      Thanks for the correction!

    • January 7, 2021

      Greg that’s mind-blowing to me that your friend knew that factoid.
      You guys are on a different level of Gold Wing than we are.

  2. Larry
    January 9, 2021

    You should Know your bikes before stating so called facts

    • January 10, 2021

      Wow, Larry, one year missed out of 46 ain’t too bad where I come from…

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