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Honda Will Bring Its ADV 150 Scooter to the U.S. in 2021

2020 Honda ADV 150

Scootin’ and Adventurin’

The rumor for a while was that Honda will bring its adventure scooter to the U.S. Well, now it has been confirmed. Honda will bring an adventure scooter here, but it won’t be the one that a lot of people thought. The X-ADV 300 is not coming to the U.S. but the ADV 150 scooter will come here in 2021, according to some new filings by the California Air and Resources Board (CARB).

The ADV 150 came to the world at the 2019 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. The bike is a mixture of aggressive lines and adorable scooter designs. The scooter’s specs for the U.S. have not been released just yet, but the one crafted for the Indonesian market features a 149.3cc single-cylinder engine that makes 14.2 hp at 8,500 rpm. 

This might not be the adventure scooter that some wanted, but at least we’ll be getting one. The machine weighs just 300 pounds. It weighs 300 pounds, has a 14-inch front and 13-inch rear wheel, disc brakes, and come in a variety of colors.

Scooters have never really been a big hit here in North America. The ADV scooters in other parts of the world have taken off, but I think Honda may have some trouble getting buy-in here in the U.S. However, I’d be one of the riders out there interested. Scooters are killer. They’re easy to ride, practical for in-town use, and get great gas mileage. They’re also fun. An ADV scooter would be even more fun.

  1. They’re aiming too low – the xadv 750 could be the real winner here. Not some huge GS or dirt bike looking AT. Sweet spot just below both. Tone of accessories – including stand up pegs that could get a lot of peeps outta the city and onto some dirt roads. No Honda, keep the 150, and don’t bother with the 300 – XADV 750 in the USA!

  2. I agree in the land of the superslab they need to bring in something that can cross statelines to get to places to ride adventuristic make it a 750 or better yet revamp old design and bump it up to say 825-850 then bring it on baby!!!

  3. I’m an over 50 wanna be beginner, and I’ve been wondering..why, why, why with all the technology available have motorcycle designers not equipped bikes with a computerized, automatic braking system that allows one control for both front and rear brakes? If eighteen wheelers can do it, why can’t it be done for two? How many accidents could be avoided by removing this giant variable?

    1. Funny you should mention linked braking as we just did a piece on a new add on system for exactly that:

      There actually are several motorcycles already with this feature on them on the market, it’s just not all that common yet. The VFR 800 had it many years ago as does the new Gold Wing just to name a couple off the top of my head. A quick Google search for “linked braking and motorcycle” will probably give you a better list.

  4. I bought one of these a few weeks ago. It’s absolutely fantastic. Easy, plenty of power and smooth. Anyone who actually rides one will immediately love it for its get on and go. This is an extremely nice scooter and sees more road time now than anything else that I own. Rare, cool, engineering at its best.

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