A Honda X-ADV 300 Scooter Could Come to the U.S.

2018 Honda X-ADV
Image from Honda

Honda Will Expand Its Adventure Scooter Line

Honda’s X-ADV recently passed up the BMW R 1200 GS in terms of sales in Europe. This makes it a true force to be reckoned with and Honda has realized its hit. The company now has a 150 version and is reportedly thinking of a 300 version, according to Motorrad. We’ve reported on this possibility before, but now the rumors are bubbling up again. The best part about the 300? It could be coming to the U.S.

Right now, no version of the X-ADV comes to the U.S., and with sales so high and the bike being such a formidable force in the market and on the road and off, it would only make sense for Honda to bring a version of it to the States. Personally, I think the big-boy X-ADV would sell reasonably well here, and the 300 won’t sell as well, but what do I know, right?

Why Not Bring More than One Size?

If Honda brings a 300 adventure scooter to market it will use the same 299cc engine that’s found in the Forza scooter. That’s a good engine that puts out 25 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque. Still, as much as I think people will get the 300, I can already hear folks saying that they need more power to consider something like that. If I were in charge of Honda, I’d bring the 300 and the current large X-ADV, which has a 745cc engine in it.

No matter the engine size, the bike will get a CVT transmission, some suspension with some long travel, allowing the bike to take on some pretty extreme terrain. The bike will also likely get spoked wheels and some reasonably aggressive tires to handle sand, mud, or whatever terrain you try to tackle. If Honda prices it right and markets it right, I think it could be a hit in the U.S., too.


  1. Avatar
    keith griffith
    August 16, 2019

    No! We want the 750! The roads and distances of the western US demand the 750 xadv. 300 just doesn’t cut it.

    • Avatar
      January 18, 2020

      The 750!!! Absolutely that is the one I would buy if I could. I currently have a Yamaha XMax, which is quite nice, but would love to upgrade.

  2. Avatar
    September 28, 2019

    I would buy a 300 only because I’m a smaller rider, we need something lightweight and short! Not enough good choices for us on the market.
    Though maybe a 400 or 500?

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