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Honda TRX 250ex Specs – Weight, HP and Top Speed

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Honda TRX 250ex In-Depth Guide

The TRX 250ex is an all-terrain vehicle(ATV) manufactured by the Honda Motors Company from 2006 to present. The Honda TRX 250EX weighs 384lbs, produces 17 horsepower from its 229cc engine and has a top speed of 50MPH. A comfortable seat height of 31.4 inches and an overall wheelbase of 44.3 inches allow for aggressive riding.

Honda TRX 250ex Specs

  • Engine Type: Single-Cylinder
  • Number of Cylinders: 1
  • Engine Strokes: 4-Stroke
  • Valve Configuration: OHV
  • Displacement: 229cc
  • Honda TRX 250ex Oil Capacity: 1.7 Quarts
  • Carb Type: Carburetor
  • Transmission Type: Manual w/ Automatic Clutch
  • Number Of Speeds: 5
  • Primary Drive: Shaft
  • Reverse gear: Yes
  • Honda TRX 250ex Top Speed: 50MPH
  • Front Tires: 22 X 7-10
  • Rear Tires: 22 X 10-9
  • Honda TRX 250ex Horsepower: 17HP
  • Front Brake Type: Dual Hydraulic Disc
  • Rear Brake Type: Sealed Drum
  • Wheelbase: 44.3 inches
  • Honda TRX 250ex Weight: 384lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.7 Gallons
  • Honda TRX 250ex Seat Height: 31.4 inches
  • Drive Type: 4X2

What kind of oil does a Honda TRX 250ex take?

According to the owner’s manual the Honda TRX 250ex takes 1.7 Quarts of GN4 Honda 10w-40 Oil.

How much HP does a Honda TRX 250ex have?

The Honda TRX 250ex has a 229cc engine generating roughly 17 horsepower in stock condition on regular gas.

How fast does a Honda TRX 250ex go?

As mentioned above a properly tuned Honda TRX 250ex has a top speed of roughly 50MPH in stock condition on a flat surface.

How much does a Honda TRX 250ex cost?

Depending on year a used Honda TRX 250ex has a retail average price of $3995 US. You get a lot of sport ATV value with this one.

Does a Honda TRX 250ex have a clutch?

Yes, Honda designed what they call a SportClutch for the 250 models. Technically this ATV is an automatic however the clutch is there is you wish to ride it as a manual clutch ATV. Honda put the best of both worlds into TRX 250EX sport ATVs.

Overall this is a fun all-around ATV with great value and features and enough were produced so that replacement parts and resale costs are still reasonably priced and available into 2020 and beyond. Highly recommended!