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Honda Teases New Forza Scooter

'The Forza family is getting bigger' says Honda

honda Forza teaser

Honda recently teased a new Forza model. This one should be a higher-displacement machine that will sit alongside the Forza 300 and Forza 125. It should challenge bikes like the Yamaha TMAX 560.

In the teaser video, which I have included below, the company notes that “the Forza family is getting bigger.” This means that the new Forza won’t replace any of the current models, it’s also a nod to the larger displacement of the machine.

The video doesn’t show you that much. It’s a lot of silhouetted details and shadows, with brief glimpses of the engine casing and the front fairing. I’d expect the styling of the bike to be similar to the Forza that is currently on sale in Europe.

The company does state that the bike will be all-new, so while it will fit in the Forza family, it won’t share many (or possibly any) parts with its Forza siblings.

Motorcycle News notes that the new Forza could replace the Integra, which is a 745cc parallel-twin powered bike. The replacement for the Integra was rumored to be coming before the end of 2020, so this could very well be it.

As you might imagine, not many of the details are known at this time. You can see somethings from the video, but it doesn’t reveal much. The expected price is between £9000 and £9500 ($11,600 USD to $12,300). It’s unclear what markets Honda will bring this bike to. Europe makes the most sense, but it could be sold elsewhere, too.