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Honda Releases Teaser for Royal Enfield Challenging Motorcycle

Honda Highness

Royal Enfield Should Get Ready

Although there isn’t even one look at the motorcycle, Honda has teased it’s new Royal Enfield-challenging motorcycle. In the teaser video (included below) there are some folks sitting around a table outside a very nice home or mansion. A motorcycle comes riding by and you can hear it, but you don’t see it. What you do see is the group of people that gets all excited.

Most publications and media outlets believe the bike will be based on the Honda Rebel 300, but that’s still up in the air at this time. The model is currently dubbed the Honda Highness, which is an obvious jab at Royal Enfield. It’s a bit funny to me to take a bike called the Rebel and turn it into a bike called Highness. I suspect the name is a bit tongue in cheek—or at least I hope so.

The bike will be revealed soon, and when it is, I’ll be here to showcase it. I’d expect it to be a more retro and classic-looking cruiser or standard motorcycle that’s based on the Rebel. This makes a lot of sense. Indian riders will have another good bike in the 300cc to 400cc category. I doubt this bike will be sold outside of the Indian market, though. It seems too laser-focused on Royal Enfield to be much use to Honda elsewhere.