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Honda recalls learners over wheel locking

Honda CBF300R locking
Honda CBR300R

Honda Motorcycles Australia has recalled 183 of their learner motorcycles over an issue which could cause locking of the rear wheel.

The recall notice, issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) affects the 2019 CBF300N, 2018 CBR300R (pictured above) and 2017 CRF250L.

Vehicle identification numbers of affected bikes are listed at the end of this article.

“The groove on the main shaft was incorrectly manufactured and is oversized, possibly resulting in the circlip loosening and causing gear damage,” the ACCC notice says.

If the gear is damaged, the motorcycle may stall or lock by the rear wheel, increasing the risk of an accident and serious injuries to road users.”

Owners have been advised to contact their nearest Honda Motorcycle Dealer and arrange for an inspection and repair at no charge.

For help finding a Honda dealer, consumers can go to

Honda CBF300R locking
Honda CBF300R



Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affect bikes

MLHMD44U0H5001784 MLHMD44U0H5001798 MLHMD44U0H5001817 MLHMD44U0H5001834 MLHMD44U0H5001848 MLHMD44U0H5001851 MLHMD44U0H5001865 MLHMD44U1H5001793 MLHMD44U1H5001812 MLHMD44U1H5001843 MLHMD44U1H5001857 MLHMD44U1H5001874 MLHMD44U2H5001785 MLHMD44U2H5001835 MLHMD44U2H5001849 MLHMD44U2H5001852 MLHMD44U2H5001866 MLHMD44U3H5001830 MLHMD44U3H5001844 MLHMD44U3H5001858 MLHMD44U3H5001861 MLHMD44U3H5001875 MLHMD44U4H5001786 MLHMD44U4H5001805 MLHMD44U4H5001819 MLHMD44U4H5001853 MLHMD44U4H5001867 MLHMD44U4H5001870 MLHMD44U5H5001781 MLHMD44U5H5001800 MLHMD44U5H5001814 MLHMD44U5H5001828 MLHMD44U5H5001831 MLHMD44U5H5001845 MLHMD44U5H5001862 MLHMD44U6H5001837 MLHMD44U6H5001840 MLHMD44U6H5001854 MLHMD44U6H5001868 MLHMD44U6H5001871 MLHMD44U7H5001801 MLHMD44U7H5001815 MLHMD44U7H5001829 MLHMD44U7H5001832 MLHMD44U7H5001846 MLHMD44U7H5001863 MLHMD44U8H5001807 MLHMD44U8H5001810 MLHMD44U8H5001838 MLHMD44U8H5001841 MLHMD44U8H5001855 MLHMD44U8H5001869 MLHMD44U8H5001872 MLHMD44U9H5001816 MLHMD44U9H5001847 MLHMD44U9H5001850 MLHMD44U9H5001864 MLHMD44UXH5001789 MLHMD44UXH5001811 MLHMD44UXH5001839 MLHMD44UXH5001842 MLHMD44UXH5001856 MLHNC51U0J5400038 MLHNC51U0J5400041 MLHNC51U0J5400055 MLHNC51U0J5400069 MLHNC51U0J5400072 MLHNC51U1J5400047 MLHNC51U1J5400050 MLHNC51U1J5400064 MLHNC51U2J5400039 MLHNC51U2J5400042 MLHNC51U2J5400056 MLHNC51U3J5400048 MLHNC51U3J5400051 MLHNC51U3J5400065 MLHNC51U4J5400043 MLHNC51U4J5400057 MLHNC51U4J5400060 MLHNC51U5J5400049 MLHNC51U5J5400052 MLHNC51U5J5400066 MLHNC51U6J5400044 MLHNC51U6J5400058 MLHNC51U6J5400061 MLHNC51U7J5400053 MLHNC51U7J5400067 MLHNC51U7J5400070 MLHNC51U8J5400045 MLHNC51U8J5400059 MLHNC51U8J5400062 MLHNC51U9J5400037 MLHNC51U9J5400040 MLHNC51U9J5400054 MLHNC51U9J5400068 MLHNC51U9J5400071 MLHNC51UXJ5400046 MLHNC51UXJ5400063 MLHNC55U0K5000184 MLHNC55U0K5000234 MLHNC55U0K5000248 MLHNC55U0K5000251 MLHNC55U0K5000265 MLHNC55U0K5000282 MLHNC55U0K5000296 MLHNC55U0K5000315 MLHNC55U1K5000193 MLHNC55U1K5000209 MLHNC55U1K5000226 MLHNC55U1K5000257 MLHNC55U1K5000288 MLHNC55U1K5000291 MLHNC55U1K5000338 MLHNC55U1K5000341 MLHNC55U2K5000185 MLHNC55U2K5000204 MLHNC55U2K5000218 MLHNC55U2K5000221 MLHNC55U2K5000249 MLHNC55U2K5000252 MLHNC55U2K5000266 MLHNC55U2K5000283 MLHNC55U3K5000194 MLHNC55U3K5000213 MLHNC55U3K5000230 MLHNC55U3K5000244 MLHNC55U3K5000261 MLHNC55U3K5000289 MLHNC55U3K5000292 MLHNC55U3K5000339 MLHNC55U3K5000342 MLHNC55U4K5000186 MLHNC55U4K5000222 MLHNC55U4K5000253 MLHNC55U4K5000270 MLHNC55U4K5000284 MLHNC55U5K5000181 MLHNC55U5K5000195 MLHNC55U5K5000200 MLHNC55U5K5000228 MLHNC55U5K5000231 MLHNC55U5K5000245 MLHNC55U5K5000259 MLHNC55U5K5000262 MLHNC55U5K5000293 MLHNC55U6K5000187 MLHNC55U6K5000190 MLHNC55U6K5000268 MLHNC55U6K5000271 MLHNC55U6K5000285 MLHNC55U7K5000182 MLHNC55U7K5000196 MLHNC55U7K5000201 MLHNC55U7K5000229 MLHNC55U7K5000232 MLHNC55U7K5000246 MLHNC55U7K5000263 MLHNC55U7K5000294 MLHNC55U8K5000188 MLHNC55U8K5000191 MLHNC55U8K5000207 MLHNC55U8K5000210 MLHNC55U8K5000255 MLHNC55U8K5000269 MLHNC55U8K5000272 MLHNC55U8K5000286 MLHNC55U9K5000183 MLHNC55U9K5000197 MLHNC55U9K5000202 MLHNC55U9K5000247 MLHNC55U9K5000250 MLHNC55U9K5000264 MLHNC55U9K5000281 MLHNC55U9K5000295 MLHNC55UXK5000189 MLHNC55UXK5000192 MLHNC55UXK5000208 MLHNC55UXK5000225 MLHNC55UXK5000256 MLHNC55UXK5000287 MLHNC55UXK5000290 MLHNC55UXK5000337 MLHNC55UXK5000340