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Honda Gets Hacked

2019 Honda CB500X

Production at Multiple Motorcycle Plants Disrupted

Honda’s global operations and network got hit with a cyber attack. Asphalt & Rubber was the first publication I noticed to share the story. From there, Honda confirmed it on its social media saying “a cyber-attack has taken place on the Honda network.” 

In response to this attack, Hona suspended activities at 11 of its plants worldwide. Facilities in Japan, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, India, the U.K., and the U.S. all shut down for a period of time. Since then, production has resumed in most of the factories. Car plants in Turkey and motorcycle plants in India and Brazil still were inactive as of June 10, according to AFP.

“While the cause of the problem is currently under investigation, the recovery process is underway,” the company wrote in a statement to the press. “The disruption in the network has impacted some business operations leading to a temporary adjustment in the production schedule. There is no effect on the invoicing process at our dealership network.”

The company made a point of saying that no data or personal information was breached due to the attack. The BBC reported that it looks like the attack was a ransomware attack. This type of attack occurs when hackers seize control of a system and then hold it until a ransom is paid. From the reporting I’ve seen, Honda has not had to pay a ransom and was able to recover control. It is still working to restore full functionality to its network.