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Honda Crossrunner

Honda Crossrunner Redux

The Honda Crossrunner and Honda Crosstourer (report) were introduced at the 2010 EICMA show, but I wasn’t impressed.

It looked like Honda rummaged through the parts bin to come up with something — anything — that would roughly look like an adventure-tourer.

The Crosstourer disappeared at the 2011 show but the Crossrunner was slightly refined and it’s apparently here to stay. I have to admit, I’m starting to warm up to the Crossrunner.

It could use perhaps a 100 mm or so width reduction across that plump midsection, but the white color shown in the photos below helps hide the girth.

I’m still not sure what it is, with its 17″ tires: a faux adventure-tourer, in the vein of the original Multistrada? Or a sport-tourer? Honda will tell you it’s a new concept in its own unique segment, but I’m not so sure. Different looks alone don’t make a different motorcycle type.

The Crossrunner also looks vaguely similar to the Honda Transalp (photo below), which is more of a “real” adventure-tourer.

Outfitted with the special Givi luggage, as seen on the white Crossrunner below, the bike should make a good sport-tourer. The luggage looks wonderful, especially the top box with its faired-in tail lights.

I have to further admit that the silver Crossrunner on the Honda display stand, seen below, with its black and gray camouflage paint treatment on the side panels, also looks pretty good “in the flesh”.

The biggest surprise for me is that the thing actually made production, so you have to give credit to Honda for following through. Now if only I could talk them into a test ride… So, by way of an apology, here is another look at the Honda Crossrunner with an updated video of the 2012 version shown at this year’s EICMA.

UPDATE: 2015 Honda Crossrunner 800

Honda announced the 2015 Crossrunner 800 at the 2014 EICMA show. Apparently, the bike will not make it to the U.S.A.

Here’s a rough translation from the Italian press release: The premium Adventure Sports Tourer from Honda for 2015 with substantial technical and aesthetic renewal. The V4 VTEC engine of 782 cc offers more torque at low and medium RPMs; more power (106 hp) and at the same time increased fuel efficiency (18.8 km per liter in the average cycle WMTC).

The aesthetic “adventure” is more decisive, ergonomic solutions more refined, and the trim provides suspensions adjustable to raise the bike for an easier approach to the dirt roads. The braking system has ABS standard and powerful radial calipers, coupled with an anti-skid system Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which completes the electronic equipment dedicated to active driving safety.

Standard equipment includes full-LED lighting system, heated grips, trip computer, adjustable saddle height, self-canceling turn signals and connections for the side cases integrated into the tail.

Honda Crossrunner 800 Left Side
The 2015 Honda Crossrunner 800 was announced for Europe at the 2013 EICMA show in November.
Honda Crossrunner 800 Luggage
Luggage available for the 2015 Honda Crossrunner 800.
2015 Honda Crossrunner 800 Front Rear Views
Honda Crossrunner 800 Black
Honda Crossrunner 800 White
wBW Video: 2012 Honda Crossrunner

Honda Crossrunner Side View

Honda Crossrunner White With Givi Luggage

Honda Crossrunner With Givi Luggage

Honda Crossrunner Silver

Honda Transalp
Similar-looking Honda Transalp.

Publication Date: November 12, 2011 (Updated November 2014)

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