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Honda confirms X-ADV adventure scooter

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Honda Europe has confirmed it will build their first adventure scooter, called the X-ADV, but it won’t be coming here, says Honda Australia.

Honda Motorcycles Australia spokesperson Kristy Ganter says “I can advise that currently there are no plans to release this model in  Australia”.

That doesn’t mean it won’t ever come here. They may test the market first.

Honda Australia took a long three years before they realised the Grom was worth importing, even though it was an immediate big hit overseas. They didn’t import it until about nine months after an independent started having success importing the adult mini bike.

Honda X-ADV adventure scooter
Honda X-ADV adventure scooter

Meanwhile, the X-ADV scooter was first revealed as the City Adventure Concept at the 2015 Milan show amid some puzzled looks and plenty of giggles, but it was no joke. Except for the stupid name!

It is based on the NC750X and Integra with the same frame, 745cc parallel-twin engine and fitted with DCT transmission as standard fitment. DCT is included as an option on Honda’s Africa Twin, so they are confident of its abilities in off-road situations.

The X-ADV features an upright riding position for high visibility, long travel suspension, mildly knobby tyres, a five-stage adjustable windscreen, upside-down forks, wire wheels, storage space for an off-road style helmet and a higher-clearance body and exhaust.

Honda has previously released two videos of the concept scooter on tarmac roads and then dirt roads, to show its versatility.

Honda will show the production X-ADV at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in November when more technical details will be revealed.

We should expect it to hit European showrooms early next year.

It certainly looks like creating a whole new market action niche for adventure scooters that want to get down and a bit dirty and would be of use in other countries such as Australia and Asia where many roads are dirt or sufficiently gnarly bitumen.

Honda X-ADV adventure scooter

The videos show it can cope with rough, dirty roads. Let’s just hope the plastic bodywork can also cope with being dropped a few times!

One of the benefits of a scooter in off-road situations would be the fact you can slide off the seat and easily put your feet on the ground for tricky situations such as mud and sand.

However, the small wheel size should make it a tank-slapper handful over corrugations and big potholes.

Honda City Adventure Concept scooter
Honda City Adventure Concept

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  1. Honda Motorcycles Australia spokesperson Kristy Ganter says “I can advise that currently there are no plans to release this model in Australia”. << Well theres nothing new!

  2. Honda Australia: attention merchandising manager/advertising consultants.

    Bless your tiny hearts! Let the market decide whether a new scooterish concept succeeds or fails, but don’t pretend to anticipate demand for something new.

    Honda has the marketing power to lead the world in advanced transport: why deny this potentially extensive Australian market the chance to buy a product that could meet buyers needs for the next decade which you have yet to promote successfully?

    You meet the nicest people on a Honda – so why don’t you tell us about your exciting new Honda concepts and get the riders into the showrooms?

    Failing to adequately promote the Integra 750 means you can make a case that the market doesn’t exist. Yes, it does, but you failed to reach it adequately, to invest advertising dollars in the opportunity or profit from the sales you did not pursue.

    Come on, Honda, you can and should do better.

  3. Below is the email I sent about the ADV. Feel free to use the customer relations email at the bottom to ask for the Honda models that aussies want – to ensure that the “existing customer base” is accurately represented in what Honda decide to sell here.

    Dear XXXXXXX,

    Thanks for your recent Internet enquiry.

    We wish to advise that the Honda model you have requested information on is not available within Australia.

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain all of the models produced by our factories worldwide.

    There are a number of factors involved in determining our model line-up, such as production costs, product availability, exchange rates and modification requirements for our market etc. We also review feedback from our future and existing customer base and also market trends obtained from our dealer network.

    Once again thank you for expressing your interest in Honda products and if you require more information on models available within Australia please contact your local Honda dealer or refer to our website:

    Kind regards

    Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd
    Telephone: 03 9270 1348 or 1300 559 846
    Facsimile: 03 9270 1133

    1. I got the same when i asked about the NC700X automatic…… I just want something decent in auto…… But better than a scooter. Till then……. it’s bigger scooters for me and not hondas.

  4. Dear sir/madam
    I’m looking for x-adv 750 motor bike and I went to our local dealer and they said its not allowed to come to the country but I can order it from out side can you please send me some details how much is the bike and when it will be available to be shipped.
    Best Regards
    Roy Shakra

  5. BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha all market maxi scooters. I can only presume that the reason Honda are not competing with a product in this class in this country may be that the Honda product is inferior.
    There appears to be an attitude by Honda Australia that auto bikes, scooters are inferior and they only market what they consider real bikes for real men and are not inclined to market to pansy”s.
    I completely fail to understand Honda Australia marketing philosophy where they selectively market products that are marketed on the World Wide Web. Possibly it is because the products would not meet the Australian Standards. There is a possible market for the Honda X-ADV 750, commuters, females, elderly and enthusiasts, that Honda will never reach in this country. STUPID!

  6. I think “product availability” will be Honda’s biggest problem because I reckon they will sell shed loads of these everywhere, it’s about time someone came out with a do it all scooter, the engine and box has been in two Honda bikes that I can think of in the last few years so it should be a reliable thing, switchable abs perhaps? Panniers maybe a bigger front wheel and screen and I would go touring, with a 5 litre fuel can under the seat, I want one now but I don’t think we will get it anytime soon.

  7. As soon as I find out that this bike is on sale in Australia (actually, I’ve been eyeing her every day), I’ll buy it and be the first to break the news to my fellow riders. What we want is a large-displacement, dual-clutch gearbox, chain or shaft transmission, a simple and direct scooter with ABS, which can adapt to various road surfaces, and immediately increases power when the accelerator is twisted, and decelerates immediately when the accelerator is withdrawn. X-ADV did it, we are waiting for you.

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