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HJC’s New V90 Retro Modular Helmet With a Bubble Visor Looks Cool


A Cool New Modular Option

When I think HJC, I don’t usually think of a retro style. The company makes some of the best helmets out there, but they’re not usually chasing after that look of yesteryear. However, this new V90 modular helmet does that a little bit. It’s not on the same level as far as retro styling goes as Biltwell or Bell’s lids, but it’s a good looking blend of modern and retro aesthetics.

The helmet features a mostly round shell with a large air vent on the forehead and a second large air duct on the chin bar. At the rear of the helmet is an exhaust duct. The bubble visor looks a lot like the old-school snap-on ones, but it’s as modern as any regular visor. The chin bar moves up as it would on any other modular design, too.

The helmet gets a fog-treated internal sun shield. The mechanism for operating it is on the left side next to the visor. You also get an antibacterial and moisture-wicking removable interior. The interior will also accommodate speakers for a Bluetooth comm system and it’s designed to accommodate eyeglasses, too. 

The shell is a polycarbonate composite that comes in two sizes depending on where you fall on the sizing chart. The helmet itself comes in XS to XXL. Pricing is $319.99 on the low end and $329.90 on the high end. It’s available now, and hopefully, we’ll get one to review soon. It’s a cool looking helmet, and gives you a good option if you want a retro silhouette but don’t want to compromise on airflow or features.

  1. Thanks for your very timely review. I know it’s a very recent launch of this helmet, and there are not many reviews out there yet. So I appreciate your speed.

    On the point of HJC and retro helmets, Your statement that HJC “makes some of the best helmets out there, but they’re not usually chasing after that look of yesteryear.” is almost true. I’d just like to highlight to readers that HJC has one Classic open-face jet helmet, the FG70 (fibreglass composite) in Asia or in the US, IS-5 (polycarbonate). And this helmet, the V90 in some ways, rings the practical retro tune true. Retro with a touch of today’s ventilation. A very important feature when one considers the potential market with the rising interest in retro-styled biking in the equatorial tropics. This makes a whole lot of sense.


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