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History lesson on draconian laws

In a crackdown on drugs, led by fundamental Christians, the government enacted far-reaching draconian powers to the law enforcement agencies.
The result was the drug industry went underground and over the next few years the country was riddled with gangland violence. It also led to rampant police and political corruption.
The people rebelled against having the morals of one group forced on them, preventing their freedom to choose.
This led to widespread civilian disregard for the laws.
In the end, the government realised it could not police its draconian laws and was wrong to force the morals of one group on all citizens.
For once I’m not actually talking about the Queensland Government’s current anti-bikie laws which are the toughest in the world.
I’m talking about the Prohibition era in the United States from 1920-33.
Have we not learned any lessons from history?
If you want to fight for your right to associate and ride with whomever you want, then please sign this petition. Click here.
We are now over 6000 signatures and climbing to our target of 10,000.
The plan then is to ride into parliament and deliver them to the Premier and Attorney General.
Meantime, I encourage everyone to do as the Australian Motorcycle Council requests: Get out and ride. I’m heading off now up to Toowoomba via the Flagstone Creek Rd (pictured) where it’s nice and cool. Enjoy your ride.