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High heeled boot causes fatal rider crash

High heeled boots

A high heeled diamanté fashion boot that stuck on the footpeg caused a 29-year-old Polish woman to fatally crash her Yamaha, a British coroner has found.

A Dorset Coroner’s Court heard that Monika Kunda looked down as she struggled with her left foot and lost control of her Yamaha and crashed in Bournemouth in August 2018.

Coroner Brendan Allen said Monika appeared to have been fatally distracted by her boots.

“It is with the utmost importance that bikers wear appropriate clothing, no matter how short the journey and no matter how familiar the person is with it,” he says.

High heeled boots

There are many high-heeled and high-soled motorcycle boots on the market.

Many short riders wear these boots to give them extra length to touch the ground.

There is a wide range of these boots available, some with just a high heel and others with a high sole along the length of the sole.

The boots in this case had a “two-to-three inch chunky heel”, which would make them easy to get caught on the footpegs.

High-heeled boots are more of a fashion accessory. Boots with high soles may not be as easy to get caught in a footpeg.

Certainly, never wear stilettos when riding as these women are.

Short tips

If you are short, you might also consider modifying the suspension, getting a lower seat fitted or swapping to a motorcycle with a lower seat.

Check out our guide to motorcycle seat heights here.

There are also techniques for short riders to cope better.

Click here for our top 10 tips.

Our short riding mate, Brian, not only struggles with a height, but also a dicky knee which he has trouble bending.

But where there’s a will, there’s always a way as this video shows.


  1. I shudder when I see riders wearing thongs, t-shirt & shorts while riding and often showing off. Don’t these people have any imagination? All I see is a future which involves lots of skin grafts if you survive.

  2. Charles Darwin proposed that species evolve by its fittest members surviving to out breed the least fit. The modern nanny society is attempting to ensure that the least fit also survive and because the least fit tend to breed like rabbits the world is becoming over populated by morons so I cheer when I heard a new recipient has been added to the Darwin Award Club.

  3. the key point here is that she was riding a Yamaha (stated twice). Of course such thing would have not happened on a Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki etc.? seriously, what kind of “journalism” is this?

    1. Hi Gnarly Dog,
      I think you’re reading some sort of anti-Yamaha bias in where there is none.
      Thanks anyway for reading our articles and staying up to date with the news.

  4. what an idiot, getting on from the right side, when his bike is leaning away from him on the side stand. He should be mounting his bike from the ‘near side’, a traditional method dating back to horses. you always mounted and dismounted from the near side. this clown runs the rish of the side stand failing and the bike will fall away from him and he would not be able to save it from falling

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