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HEX Code GS-911: A Scanner for Your BMW Bikes

HEX Code GS-911

HexCode GS-911: BMW Diagnostics On The Go

When I got my first performance vehicle (a 2000 Subaru Forester STI) the first thing I bought for it was an OBD-II code reader so I could monitor the sensor levels and pull codes in the event anything went wrong. Lo and behold, 2 weeks later my MAF (mass airflow) sensor died, and instead of spending $300 at a shop to get a diagnosis I plugged in my scanner and started sorting through codes eventually saving myself quite a large amount of coin.

I would be lying if I said tools like these don’t pay for themselves in the first year of ownership—although I haven’t seen anything quite like this for my motorcycles. Hex Code has brought us a compact, a ready-to-use diagnostic tool for use on the trails with your fuel injected BMW motorcycle.

The GS-911’s electronic interface pairs with your iPhone or Android device giving you the power to maintain or reset the electronic components on your BMW motorcycle. In addition, you can enable/disable accessories without needing to pull plugs or cut wires.

I am going to assume the adventure riding junkies will be all over this, as clearing fault codes in your bike’s computer is virtually impossible to do without a unit like the GS-911. It doesn’t matter how big your adventure tool-box is; no wrench can fix a fault code causing no-start when you’re 200km away from civilization. I prefer riding to walking, thanks.

The unit comes in a small variety of versions from 10-pin to OBD-II, with both enthusiasts and professional licenses for each. If you’re in the market for a personal unit be ready to spend close to $400; which in all honesty isn’t much when you take into account professional Snap-on OBD-II scanners can cost thousands of dollars.