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Here’s a Look at the New Electric Super Soco CUx Special Edition Ducati Scooter

Ducati super soco CUx electric scooter

The Electric Ducati

Recently, I reported on the fact that Ducati had teamed up with Vmoto to do an electric scooter through the company’s Super Soco brand. The CUx scooter that would be used in already developed by the company and Ducati wants in on that action. Well, now we’re getting a look at the scooter thanks to a video of the press launch.

According to Motorcycle News, Ducati has been using the CUx scooters and paddock vehicles at the MotoGP, so the company was already pretty familiar with the scooter and the brand. The Super Soco brand is also Britain’s best-selling electric bike company, so that’s another good reason for Ducati to strike up a partnership.

The Super Soco CUx Special Edition Ducati is what the bike will be called. It’s more or less a CUx with Ducati badging on it. This isn’t a totally bad thing. The CUx is an affordable and competent urban scooter with an affordable price tag. The scooter can go about 28 mph and cover roughly 47 miles per charge, according to electrek. Motorcycle News says the Ducati electric scooter will cost £2299 or about $2,900 once you do the conversion.

When I first heard that Ducati and Vmoto teamed up, I was skeptical. It just didn’t seem very on-brand for Ducati. However, the more I read about Vmoto and specifically the CUx, the more I think this is probably a very smart way for Ducati to dip its toes in electric bikes. You can watch the press event below.