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Helmet sends for help after a crash

Helpmet helmet calls for help

A helmet that calls for help from the emergency services if you’ve crashed is being developed by ThaiHealth.

Helpmet” works in a similar way to the recently announced BMW eCall SOS button mounted on a bike’s handlebar.

The cleverly named helmet features a GPS, SIM card and a piezo shock sensor that detects impact of 95kg and then sends a text message with GPS co-ordinates to the emergency services unless cancelled.

Developers picked 95kg as the trigger level because impact above that tends to cause unconsciousness. Any impact less than 95kg, such as dropping your helmet, will not send a false message.

The emergency SMS includes the name, age, blood type,height, weight and important medical information such as allergies registered by the rider on a Helpmet website. It also includes your insurance information and a number to call a loved one, all stored securely under a unique password.

When the ambulance arrives on the scene paramedics will be better prepared.Helpmet helmet calls for help

It makes sense that it is being developed in Thailand which has the second highest rate of motorcycle accidents in the world.

First responders say that time is essential in a crash and many riders have died because they speared off the road and could not be found or solo riders crashed and were not reported missing for some time.

The helmet is still in the development stage and they are looking for riders to test the unit.

But don’t get too excited just yet. There is no indication of what helmet certification it will have and whether it will be available in Australia. The developers have not replied to requests for comment.Helpmet helmet calls for help

While there are other devices and apps available that will track a rider, this helmet and the BMW eCall button are the first devices that detect a crash and automatically alert emergency services.

Other devices, such as apps that use a smartphone’s built-in GPS and accelerometer, are expected to follow.

Meanwhile, you should consider downloading these first-aid apps and always tell someone where you are going if you are riding solo.