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Harley Sells Its Five Millionth Motorcycle

five millionth Harley

That’s a Major Milestone

Harley-Davidson isn’t exactly having a good year, and it hasn’t performed well for the last several years. With its target demographic aging quickly and a big question mark on its future, the company has to reposition itself. With that said, the motorcycle company still sells a lot of motorcycles. Some good news for the company is needed, and that’s exactly what the five millionth motorcycle sale brings. 

The sale of the Heritage Classic to Walter Bartlett in Wausau, Wisconsin, marked a notable sales figure. It’s a notable milestone and one that allows you to reflect on the company’s long history in the industry and in production of vehicles in general. Harley may be down at the moment, but the sale of this motorcycle shows just how mighty the company still is. 

The bike was built in York, Pennsylvania. It’s the same facility that was used to build the military equipment used in WWII, including anti-aircraft guns. In 1973, Harley moved production of its motorcycles from Milwaukee to York, Pennsylvania. As the company grew and evolved, the plant stayed open. Today fenders, tanks, frames, and other parts are built there. The motorcycles themselves are also assembled there. 

The company put together a promotional video for the occasion. It’s a lot of chest thumping and American flag waving, but the company also expresses the need for change, which is encouraging.