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Harley Files Design Paperwork for New Middleweight Engine

Harley engine filing

Powering Upcoming Bikes

Harley’s new middleweight engine is now officially registered. It’s the engine that will power many Harleys of the future, and now that the European Union Intellectual Property Office officially has it on file, you can really see what it’s all about.

Harley’s new engine is a liquid-cooled 60-degree V-Twin that will range in size from 500cc to 1250cc. According to, there will be four different sizes of the engine at least. Most likely those sizes will be 500cc, 750cc, 975cc, and 1250cc.

The engine is different than the one that was in some of the concept bikes. shows some specific things that are different, including the engine cover. It’s a different shape, slightly. Many other engine parts appear to be so as well.

The company filed a design for the engine and seven other designs for engine parts, covers, and components. That would suggest Harley has something truly unique on its hands. The crankcase and transmission are extremely compact, something that should come in handy for using it in multiple bikes.

It’s possible that this engine could not appear in a bike until 2020 or 2021. This move to a new engine that can be used on multiple types of motorcycles is something Harley should have done long ago. The electric stuff might be good for the long term, but the company failed to execute on a new good line of gasoline-powered motorcycles long ago. Hopefully, they can make this engine work.



  1. At least 10 years late . They had a big v that worked in the last buell rotax wasnt it? Probably will come down to price on the new stuff and if people will believe HD wont leave them hanging waiting on parts for say the pan am etc . Stock up on pan am handgaurds that have signals built in……

  2. This could be te future of the SPORTSTER line.
    The way i see it, The Pan Am and the Bronx will be the test mules and this might be the final nail on the coffin for the Sportsters, and possibly the Street 500s and 750s.

    My Prediction, In less than 5 years time, HD will be winding down production of the Sportsters and the Street 500 and 750. By 2022, they will be one and 2023 could be the launch year of the “ALL NEW” Sportster, Street (AKA Bronx, Custom etc…)

    What I think the hold up is, giving the new models the right Names that will appeal and leave a good impression that will determine its future. It is for sure that they will not keep the “sportster” name with this new engine models.

    It is Possible that HD could. “THE ALL-NEW SPORTSTER”

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