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Harley-Davidson Shows Off Its Electric Concepts In Action

Harley-Davidson concept
Image from Harley-Davidson

Harley Looking Ahead

Harley-Davidson made a big effort towards the future with its new LiveWire. However, that bike hasn’t been very well received. Most people aren’t impressed with the range or price. Basically, $30k is a lot to ask for a motorcycle that only goes about 100 miles per charge. Harley showed off two other bikes when it debuted the LiveWire. Two smaller concepts and now there’s video

At the X Games in Aspen, Colorado, the company brought its two small concepts along and let some of the X Games folks ride them. The resulting videos are little more than advertisements for the company with a celebrity in the saddle.

Still, it gives you a look at what the little electric bikes are capable of. Oddly, Harley only posted one of the videos to its YouTube channel so far, so we only have one of them to show you, but you can head over to Harley’s website to check out the other one.

Between the two unnamed electric concept bikes, I have to say the urban scooter thing is the weirder of the two. The other bike is pretty much a mashup of an electric mountain bike and a dirtbike. It makes sense to me, and I think Harley could actually sell it if it targeted the market right.

Harley-Davidson Concept
Image from Harley-Davidson

The scooter-looking bike is kind of cool, but I’d be more inclined to buy a Vespa Electtrica than the weird Harley creation. If the LiveWire’s price is any indication of where these things will hit the market, I bet Harley’s scooter bike would be pretty pricey, and I’d almost rather have the trusted Vespa name carting me around city streets.