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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmets – Badass ONLY

harley davidson helmets

Woman on Harley Davidson MotorcycleThe Harley Davidson Brand

Harley Davidson motorcycles have become powerful cultural symbols. When people that aren’t especially familiar with motorcycles are asked to name a motorcycle brand, they will often just refer to Harley Davidson. Certain products eventually become synonymous with certain brands, to the point where people will refer to that particular brand when they’re actually referring to the product itself.

Many people in the United States refer to Kleenex, for instance, instead of tissues. Similarly, many people will refer to Harley Davidson models or ‘Harleys’ instead of motorcycles.

A Long & Rich History

The Harley Davidson brand has a long and rich history in the United States. It’s a brand that began in the early twentieth century and was one of the only American motorcycle brands that successfully made it through the Great Depression. It is no wonder that Harley Davidson motorcycles have become such powerful symbols of strength and resilience, given the long history behind the Harley Davidson motorcycle itself and the fact that the company managed to survive such major economic setbacks.

More recently, Harley Davidson had some quality control problems. Japanese motorcycles have also become very popular in the United States. However, the Harley Davidson motorcycle is still a household name to younger generations. Even with these more modern challenges, the Harley Davidson company has thrived, and its brand still occupies a special place in American culture. Its longevity only adds to the symbolism surrounding it.

Few brands become popular enough to truly create a brand community. Being able to generate a lot of fans is an important accomplishment for almost any business, and Harley Davidson has succeeded for decades now. There is a Harley Davidson museum, and factory tours are notably popular. There are many sub-cultures that are practically built around Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the Harley Davidson motorcycle is associated with a wide range of sub-cultures.

harley-davidson-skull-logo-wallpaper-8Broad Cultural Reach

There are many products that have Harley Davidson themes. There are even plenty of theme restaurants that have Harley Davidson motorcycles as their theme. Many of the motorcycles featured in American films and on American television are Harley Davidson motorcycles. People across the United States can experience the Harley Davidson motorcycle brand in many different ways.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle is also strongly associated with certain eras of American history. Many people think of the 1950s and greasers when they think of Harley Davidson motorcycles. They may also think of the 1980s. People that have nostalgia for those time periods for whatever reason may be drawn to Harley Davidson motorcycles for those reasons alone. Those eras themselves have attracted a great deal of symbolism, like Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Motorcycles themselves are widely known as symbols of power and freedom. Motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles that can nonetheless reach speeds that rival those of much larger vehicles. They have the engines of cars, but with none of the interior areas. Riding motorcycles and truly experiencing one’s surroundings, while still traveling as fast as a car, is a unique experience. Motorcycles can weave around cars on the road, getting ahead while the cars themselves are still stuck in traffic. There’s something symbolic about that, which drivers and motorcycle riders can both appreciate.

The element of risk involved with riding motorcycles just makes the experience even richer for a lot of people. Motorcycles tap into a number of different American cultural ideas, such as the desire for freedom. It is no surprise that there is so much powerful symbolism attached to them in American culture.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmets

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmet Collection

A Harley Davidson motorcycle helmet can truly make all the difference in terms of safety. Some people are skeptical about the degree to which motorcycle helmets can actually help in the case of an impact. Motorcycle riders are typically traveling quickly enough that any head injury sustained during a motorcycle riding accident could be fatal or permanently damaging. Having a powerful barrier between one’s head and the pavement really can prevent fatal accidents for motorcycle riders.

black and orange old school harley davidson helmetPeople that are riding motorcycles should keep in mind that they are operating a vehicle that has the engine of a car with none of the protection from the elements. That element of risk is part of the appeal of motorcycles in the first place, of course. However, motorcycle riders can keep that element of risk while still taking some essential safety precautions. The feeling of racing across the street on a motorcycle outpacing all of the cars will still be intact, even if the rider is wearing a helmet. Many of the motorcycle riders that were able to enjoy their hobby for years and years were the ones that wore helmets and other safety accessories.

There is no reason for Harley Davidson riders to artificially inflate the risk involved when riding motorcycles. Motorcycle helmets will allow them to minimize the real risks involved with riding motorcycles. They will still be able to enjoy the feeling of being free and unencumbered during a motorcycle ride. There are some parts of the country where motorcycle riders are required by law to wear helmets, and no rider wants to get pulled over for reasons like that.

Fewer riders object to wearing motorcycle jackets. Leather motorcycle jackets have attracted almost as much powerful symbolism as motorcycles themselves. Plenty of people wear them to appear stylish, even if they have no intention of riding motorcycles. However, motorcycle jackets have plenty of practical value. During motorcycle accidents, people are thrown across the pavement. They can cause a lot of their exposed skin to be torn in the process, which can put them at risk of fatal infections. Motorcycle jackets, which are made from thick and durable material, provide an important barrier between a person’s skin and the road. They manage to be cool and stylish at the same time.

Plenty of motorcycle helmets are as stylish as motorcycle jackets, so riders can accomplish something similar by wearing motorcycle helmets. They can demonstrate their brand loyalty by purchasing Harley Davidson motorcycle helmets for themselves. Motorcycle helmets have their own positive symbolism in American culture and beyond.

Best Harley Motorcycle Helmets

Let’s look at a few of the top rated helmets for safety and for style and then break down each category a little further to find exactly what you are looking for and where to get it (even if it is not here).

Harley Davidson Half helmets for Men

Harley Davidson Full face helmets for Men

Harley Davidson Half helmets for Women


Harley Davidson Full face helmets for Women

Custom Harley Davidson Painted Motorcycle Helmets

Oldschool Helmets does some great work on 1/2 helmets and 3/4 helmets. Check out their designs or shoot them a message with your ideas and they will deliver.

oldschool harley davidson helmet collage

Harley Davidson Carbon Fiber Helmets

Looking for a protective, yet lightweight helmet? A Carbon Fiber motorcycle helmet is what you are after. Fair Warning – Do NOT look at the price tag before purchasing.

carbon fiber harley davidson helmets

Harley Davidson Helmet Stickers & Decals

For the ultra budget friendly version of a custom Harley Helmet there are cool looking stickers that are sure to fit. Here are just a few: