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Harley-Davidson Files Patent for V-Twin Engine With VVT

harley-davidson patent

More Power Better Emissions

Variable valve timing is nothing new, but now Harley-Davidson will use it on an upcoming engine. The company recently filed a patent on a new V-Twin engine and it has VVT. The patent was spotted by, and as the publication states, it was really a patent for a modular engine balancer that mounts on either side of a crankshaft. However, in that patent, it says that VVT is used.

The drawings of in the motorcycle patent are likely just a placeholder and not really of the bike that the engine will be used in. The engine drawings are much more specific and different from the current engines in Harley’s bikes. 

What you get is a V-twin with overhead valves but pushrods run on the opposite sides of each cylinder. Johann Voges of Harley Davidson is the name listed on the patent, and his designs have shown up before with similar elements. The patents spotted previously are likely for the same engine. That means Harley definitely has a new mill in the works.

The guess about these patents that have come out recently is that the new engine will replace the current Sportster engine, which has been out for quite some time. The important part of this patent is the engine balance module. This will counteract the forces of the pistons by turning the opposite direction of the crankshaft, and that should help smooth out the engine.

The VVT is connected to the cam gear and will adjust the timing of the cams and affect both the intake and exhaust valves. This should improve power and emissions. With ever-tightening emissions standards around the world, it only makes sense that Harley will have to update its engine lineup. The current Sportster engine will not be good enough for the upcoming standards.