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Harley-Davidson Files Patent for Automated Braking

Harley-Davidson Patent Schematic

Harley-Davidson has recently filed patents that show a type of emergency braking system that could be integrated into future models. 

Unlike other manufacturers, Harley’s technology patent is more in line with accident prevention and crash avoidance – instead of adaptive cruise control. 

Harley Davidson Patent

The system is comprised of many sensors situated similarly to those found on bikes with adaptive cruise control. These sensors are responsible for monitoring the bike’s surroundings along with the status of the rider via grip and seat sensors. Harley-Davidson’s system also includes a camera that is pointed at the rider to provide information about the status of the rider. 

Harley-Davidson’s patent also mentions the use of Vision Tracking via a helmet-mounted camera pointed at the rider’s eye. This cool technology can sense where the rider is looking in addition to their eyes being open. 

Harley-Davidson Patent Schematic

The new technology will collectively work together to provide visual and audible alerts in the case of an emergency – giving the rider the opportunity to react. If the rider does not respond, the system will begin to slow the bike down, come to a stop, gingerly topple the bike, and the incapacitated rider over. 

Every rider can relate to seeing vehicles on the road sometimes braking slowly at first but then almost immediately come to a halt – leaving the rider to estimate the braking distance. Another neat feature found in HD’s new patent is it can assist the rider in applying the brakes should the rider misjudge how quickly they need to stop.