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Meet Harley-Davidson’s Bareknuckle streetfighter

Harley plans adventure, streetfighters and electric bicycles bareknuckle

Next year’s Harley-Davidson streetfighter range, expected to replace the Sportster, could be called the Bronx or the more apt Bareknuckle.

Almost a year ago Harley made some bold announcements about new product including an adventure bike, small-capacity bikes and a range of electric bikes.

We now know the small-capacity bikes will be made in China for the Asian market.

Harley's 338cc bike to be made by Qianjiang Motorcycle barenuckle
Harley’s 338cc bike to be made by Qianjiang Motorcycle

Bareknuckle streetfighter

But the news that traditional Harley fans would be more interested in is their water-cooled street fighter range with engine capacities from 500cc to 1250cc.

In late 2017, Harley trademarked the names “Bronx” and “Harley-Davidson Bronx” with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Now they have applied for a trademark for the name Bareknuckle.

Both would be great family names for the streetfighter range, particularly a Bareknuckle streetfighter!

Nine streetfighters2020 Harley Davidson Streetfighter bareknuckle

When the new models were announced last year they said there would nine streetfighters coming in 2020-22 with family names yet to be decided.

They will be powered by new liquid-cooled 60-degree DOHC V-twins which will be produced in a range of sizes from 500cc to 1250cc.

The streetfighters will tackle the Ducati Monster and Triumph Street Triple.

The midweight bikes will feature fully adjustable Showa suspension, Brembo monobloc brakes, Michelin tyres and a “proper electronics package” although they have not provided details.

We image it could include engine maps, cornering ABS, traction control and maybe even electronic suspension. These bikes are expected to replace the Sportster range which may be retired for emissions reasons.

The streetfighter may be a 2020 model which means they would be unveiled this year, probably at the August world dealer conference in the USA.2020 Harley Davidson Streetfighter bareknuckle


However, the trademarked names may not even be used and they may already have a name fo the models.

Harley could just be an exercise in protecting the names in case they ever needed them.

After all, Harley has spent a lot of money protecting its various trademarks over the years, even suing companies that use similar bar-and-shield logos, the bald eagle and the mix of black and orange.

In the late 1990s, the company even tried to trademark their distinctive “potato-potato” exhaust noise, but failed in US courts.

  1. I confess, I’m intrigued. I think it looks fantastic. But I also know that I’ll likely be sorely disappointed.

      1. no hd will EVER look better than a buell. nor will it EVER outperform it. EFF hd for what it did to erik buell.

        1. It looks a lot like the M2 Cyclone I used to ride. That was an awesome bike. Too bad HD put Buell out of business or they would have had an awesome street fighter all along.

  2. I have a custom Yam MT-01 1670cc that I’ve modded heavily. Having that torque in a relatively short package (as apposed to a cruiser) and hoving that weight really low, using it like a pivot point, the bike is remarkably nimble. Lots of punch between corners and onto straights, but the weight and lack of good feedback (even from my brembo brakes w/ full floating f&r custom rotors and braided lines) means pulling up anything heavy like the new Harly will be the true test or its braking / suspension / ergonomics, not to mention physical abilities and confidence of the rider to muscle such a beast through the corners. I’m excited to test ride the new package from HD, the bikes look absolutely amazing.

  3. I’d totally ride that and I am no HD fan boy. Looks killer! But as Jeff B has said, I think once the first journo test rides and reviews are in I’m bound to be disappointed (I hope to be proven wrong).

  4. I am a little confused. Didnt HD can the VRod (1250 water cooled street fighter, derived from their racr engine) because it wasnt selling. Why is this different and why couldnt they update the VRod to get a different look like this one.

  5. Sign me up. Who cares if it is not as ‘fast’ as a supersports bike – it is not meant ot be – and if I didnt need to carry a pillion….I tell you what. Having owned Yams, Victories and Trumps I could see this in my garage as my first Harley. It looks like it is on roids. Love the low front headlight and seat vs wheelbase vs tank look. Well done to HD for making somethign that looks this good….and yes better then the ‘ugly’ Buells.

  6. BRING ‘EM ON BABY – The Price is the ONLY thing Scaring me …. They Look FAST just Standing There – WAITING – Patiently like a Good Little ROCKET Should !! …..

    Where do I sign ? Let me at ’em …. Gimmee !!! I WANT ONE NOW …..

    frostbite …

    1. How STUPID to call it the BRONX? Very very STUPID. MANY Americans wouldn’t touch anything with that name on it…especially Harley buyers. And the Adventure bike looks awful…many of the bikes LOOK AWFUL…there are awkward and thick in the wrong places…Just
      look at the big square fairing on the adventure bike. If you want to sell some bikes call me.

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