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Harley-Davidson audio booms with gifts

Harley-Davidson Boom Audio StageII Fairing speakers
Fairing speakers

The best audio on two wheels just got better with the new Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio Stage II.

If you go into a Harley store in Australia and New Zealand between now and the end of October and just listen to the sound system, you will get a free $20 iTunes gift card.

Anyone who then buys the new audio range is entered into a prize draw to win back the value of their purchase up to $5000.

I’ve never been a fan of audio systems on motorcycles until I rode a Rushmore Project Touring model with the new wind-tunnel-tested split fairing and a Boom! Box audio system.

Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore Ultra
Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore Ultra

The former reduces buffeting substantially so you can hear the sound system, while the latter had crystal clear audio quality and 1% distortion.

At 180km/h in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I could hear ever nuance of sound as Earth Wind and Fire boomed through the audio system.

The new BOOM! Audio Stage II range fits across all 2014/15 Touring family models and has been put through the same rigorous tests as the bikes.

Boom! Audio Stage II range includes:

  • Stage II Fairing Speakers (from $A437/$NZ588) which are waterproof, UV-resistant and louder and clearer with reduced distortion and improved clarity at speed. See the photo at the top of the page.
  • Stage II Tour-Pak Speakers (from $A437/$NZ588) are forward-facing three-way speakers with waterproof tweeters and mid-ranges and carbon fibre woofer cones with high-flux Neodymium magnets. They are sized to be a direct replacement for the factory speakers.
    Harley-Davidson Boom Audio StageII Tour-Pak speakers
    Tour-Pak speakers
  • Stage II Fairing Lower Speakers (from $A530/$NZ714) fit in the glove boxes of the vented fairing lowers. They are vibration-tested waterproof three-way speakers with the tweeters and mid-ranges directed straight at the rider for clear, crisp sound.
    Harley-Davidson Boom Audio StageII fairing lower speakers
    Fairing lower speakers
  • Stage II Saddlebag Lid Speakers (from $A663/$NZ893) are directed toward the rider. They are waterproof 5”x7” three-way speakers that turn the latched and gasket-sealed saddlebags into large speaker enclosures for enhanced bass response.
    Harley-Davidson Boom Audio StageII Saddlebag speakers
    Saddlebag speakers

Some of the products require the purchase of additional components.