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Guy Martin Chases 300 MPH in a Mile

Guy Martin 300 mph

He’s Getting Closer

It’s safe to say Guy Martin is a bit of a madman, so it should come as no surprise that he’s going after the 300 mph barrier on a motorcycle for the standing mile. 

In recent testing at Elvington airstrip, Martin took his turbocharged Hayabusa to 247 mph. That was without the rear fairing even attached. The 247 mph run was done in terrible weather. According to Motorcycle News, Martin had to battle 50 mph winds at times.

Martin has gone faster than that in the past. Motorcycle News reported that he managed to do 270.965 mph in September 2019. Trevor Duckworth, the owner of Straightliners Events said the following:

“He’s doing well developing the bike. He’s with us all the time and he’s a clever bloke, always learning. He’s gone faster than 270 now, about 275 on the GPS. The difficulty at Elvington is the wind, the place is so big the wind can be blowing east at one end and west at the other, plus the braking. Elvington is really the only place in the UK with room for a 0-300 in the mile but it’s stopping it that’s the issue.”

The bike is a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa built by Jarrod ‘Jack’ Frost of Holeshot Racing. He’s a speed record holder as well. That bike has been tweaked and modified for Martin’s purposes, but the bore and stroke are still stock and so is the displacement of 1340cc. The motorcycle is tuned to 830 hp, though, which is an insane amount of power coming out of a relatively small engine. Hopefully, that will be enough power.