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Grip Lock Motorcycle Lock

Grip Lock Motorcycle Brake and Throttle Lock

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Grip Lock Motorcycle Lock Review Summary
Review Summary

Easy to use lock for the throttle and front brake. Highly visible, which could help deter theft.

Best used as another tool in a layered anti-theft system.

There is no guaranteed motorcycle anti-theft system, unfortunately. If someone really wants your motorcycle, they will find a way to take it.

Some motorcycles are stolen after spur-of-the-moment decisions, and some after careful planning by the thief or thieves.

We’ll probably never know, nor will we understand the motivations or statistics of the various types of motorcycle theft; thus, it pays to employ varied countermeasures to help prevent it from happening to you.

Motorcycles that become victims of the “snatch and grab” method probably end up in a “chop shop” for quick dismemberment, with the parts are shipped off to…who-knows-where.

This type of semi-professional or professional theft is probably more difficult to prevent, so ground anchors, alarm systems, locks, chains and perimeter alarms are called for.

Fortunately, there are a few simpler methods that can be used to help prevent “casual” or opportunistic theft.

A motorcycle that is parked with only a fork lock as security, even for only a few minutes in a public location like a shopping center parking lot, can be an invitation to this type of theft.

I never like to leave my motorcycle unattended without some type of extra anti-theft device, and in this case, a highly visible anti-theft device may have certain benefits.

I’m assuming — and I can only assume because I have no statistics on this — that an obvious and noticeable anti-theft device (or devices) will dissuade a potential thief.

You want them to think “Forget it” when they see an alarm or lock, because stealing the bike will take more time and be more trouble than it’s worth.

I also like to use what I’d call the layered approach — that is, multiple levels of theft prevention — like a combination of a good disk lock (like the Xena Disk Lock Alarm we just reviewed) and something like the Grip Lock.

Grip Lock Installed on Motorcycle

The Grip Lock

The Grip Lock has to be one of the most visible motorcycle anti-theft devices available, especially in the bright yellow or pink shown in these photos.

Apparently, the manufacturers of the Grip Lock understand the role that a visible deterrent plays in a layered anti-theft system, because the device comes in some pretty bright colors.

In addition to the pink and yellow shown here, it’s also available in lime green, orange, purple, and red. They also sent us a black Grip Lock, which serves the same purpose, even with its muted color.

The Grip Lock is either a throttle lock or a brake lever lock, depending upon how it’s used. It is designed to hold the throttle closed, or, in combination with slight pressure on the front brake, to hold both.

Holding the front brake can also help keep the bike from sliding or rolling down a slight incline, and it also helps prevent someone from trying to push the bike around just for kicks or in an attempt to move it.

Grip Lock Motorcycle Throttle Lock and Brake Lock

The Grip Lock is made from “30% glass reinforced” nylon, with three hardened steel bars molded inside. Surely it won’t prevent a determined thief — but what will?

The Grip Lock is supposed to be very hard to cut, even with a hacksaw, because the hardened steel inserts will destroy the hacksaw blade. The company claims that it takes 3-4 minutes to cut through each insert, destroying three hacksaw blades in the process.

The device is very easy to use. It rotates on a machined stainless steel hinge pivot, opening up like a clamshell.

The Grip Lock comes with 3 different spacers to fit different motorcycle handlebar grip diameters from 27 to 42 mm, and the square part that fits over the brake lever can be moved back and forth to accommodate a variety of grip-to-lever lengths.

I tried it on the “worst case” scenario, Rick’s Ducati GT1000 with the thick foam grips and shorty Pazzo levers (wBW review).

I had to leave out all of the spacers in the Grip Lock to make the diameter as large as possible to fit over the thick grips, leaving only the single rubber pad at the bottom.

I slid the brake lever holder as far forward as possible, and it fits perfectly, as you can see in the short video we took (below).

There is a slight problem with these thick grips because without the rubber spacers installed, the edges of the Grip Lock roughed up the soft foam grips on the Ducati, but this isn’t a problem with the “normal” handlebar grips.

The flush-fitting lock on the Grip Lock is a bit tricky to use. I usually have to mess with it a bit to figure out how to get it locked, because it’s not spring-loaded like the similar but heftier lock on the Xena Disk Lock Alarm.

The Grip Lock comes with two keys and a brief set of instructions. Using the device is rather self-explanatory, and after the initial adjustment to fit your bike there’s nothing else needed to get it up and running.

The Grip Lock weighs 326 grams (11.5 oz.) on the webBikeWorld scales and it’s about 15 cm long by 4.5 cm by 5 cm (6″ x 1-3/4″ x 2″) with the lock in the recessed position. It fits in most motorcycle jacket pockets or in a tank bag.

The key can be kept on the motorcycle’s key ring.

Note that the Grip Lock carries UK Patent #GB2378429 and US Patent #6860128B2. For more information on motorcycle locks, see the wBW Motorcycle Alarms, Locks and Immobilisers page.

wBW Video: Grip Lock


The Grip Lock is an easy-to-use device that provides a good visual clue that the motorcycle has some anti-theft protection. It should hopefully serve as a warning and preventative to potential thieves or mischief makers.

wBW Review: Grip Lock Motorcycle Throttle and Brake Lock
Available From: Grip Lock List Price (2008): Approximately $49.00 USD
Colors: Black, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red. Made In: New Zealand
Review Date: March 2008
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