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Good Reasons to Own a Mounted Motorcycle Camera

INNOVV Motorcycle Camera Dash Recorder K1-M monitor bike front and back

(Sponsored post on mounted motorcycle cameras for our North American readers)

Having a motorcycle is a great experience for many people. Around 13 million Americans are proud owners of motorcycles. However, these vehicles are known to have a high accident and injury risk, which is a concerning factor for many owners.

With the help of today’s technology, there are hundreds of useful gadgets motorcycles can get for security and roadside safety reasons. One of the most popular items is a motorcycle mounted camera.

Have you started noticing the growing number of motorcyclists riding around with GoPros on their helmet? There reason being is motorcyclists can use mounted helmet or dash cams to record all footage they need in case an accident happens. Recorded footage could be good evidence.

Here is a short list of other reasons why an on-board motorcycle camera is a useful tool to have.

Determining Fault of an Accident

Many traffic law experts could agree that a mounted camera is useful for riders involved in a collision or serious accident caused by another motorist. According to a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer, part of the preparation for a valid accident claim would be to provide evidence of the scene. Helmet cam footage can be used provide vital evidence if you we’re involved in an accident and wanted to take it to court.

Most common motorcycle accidents involve distracted drivers, vehicles turning left or intoxicated drivers. If you needed to prove fault, it would be very wise to document as much as you can in case you do end up in a crash, wipe-out or if you witness of an accident. Recorded footage can protect motorcyclists from false accident accusations too.

Road-Rage Defense

There are thousands of videos up on YouTube that capture a motorcyclist in a strife with an angry and hysterical driver. If you unfortunately end up in a situation with a “road-rager,” a helmet camera can get them to step-off. Typically, when a person realizes they are being filmed, it will prevent them from doing something irrational. But in the worst case, if you were assaulted by an aggressive driver, you would catch the whole scene on camera. Like with accidents, this footage can be used as evidence if someone hurt you or damaged your motorbike.

Insurance Claims

For minor accidents that only result in property damage, a camera can come in handy with an insurance claim. Most motorcycle camera setups allow multiple angles, including POV and the dashboard view. This way when you are working it out with your insurance company, you have footage of every angle.

Vandalism & Theft

Motorcycles parked out in the open are more prone to vandalism, exterior damage (dings, scratches, dents etc.) and theft. You could strategically place a mounted camera to help catch a vandal or a thief. Another step to prevent theft is to supplement your on-board security camera with an anti-theft device like alarms and disc locks.

Is a Motorcycle Cam Only for Accidents & Damage?

Honestly, a mounted camera is a very useful piece of equipment to have for issues involving crashes, damages, theft and collecting evidence to use in court.

On the lighter side of things, a mounted camera can be used for photography and videography reasons too. If you are the creative type, a safe and hands-free way to take snapshots or videos, is to use a helmet camera such as a GoPro, if you want capture some scenery or document your adventures on the road for a montage you want to share with your buddies online.

Bottom line, all motorcyclists should consider getting a camera for informational and safety reasons, especially when the chances of an accident are high.