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Going the Extra Mile

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Going the Extra Mile Review Summary
Review Summary
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A Handbook for Long-Distance Motorcycling and Endurance Rallies


By: Ron Ayres
Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.43 x 10.48 x 8.27
Publisher: Whitehorse Press; (December 2002)
ISBN: 1884313396

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Ron Ayres is a best-selling author on this subject — he wrote “Against the Wind” (wBW Info Page), which is the classic motorcycle endurance story that has enthralled readers and “armchair” Iron Butters like me.

This book provides advice from long-distance and endurance riders for anyone who is interested in how to extend their range on a motorcycle.  “See how the Big Dogs manage fuel consumption, speed, and rest breaks to maintain a high average mileage.”

Ron writes: “Those hard-core motorcyclists who aspire to participate in endurance rallies will find all the basic information they need to get off to a great start, but touring riders and less ambitious travelers will also be well-served by this book–as would anyone looking to learn a few tricks for enjoying more time in the saddle.”

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