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GoGo Gear Kevlar leggings review

GoGo Gear Kevlar armoured leggings from BikieChic

“Little MBW” has given the thumb’s up to the new GoGo Gear Kevlar armoured leggings.

My daughter, Alice, is a permanent fixture on the back of any bike her partner, Mitch, is riding, but she likes to look stylish.

She hates the bulky nature of most of the motorcycle jeans available, so she searched around the internet for a nice pair of protective leggings to show off her skinny legs.

The problem with ordering online is getting the right size and she had a couple of failed efforts from various companies.

However, when she ordered the GoGoGear leggings from BikieChic, they personally helped her get the right size via Facebook Messenger.GoGo Gear Kevlar armoured leggings from BikieChic

There is a sizing system on the website which suggests you get the crucial hip measurement right as the rest of the jeans will stretch to your shape.

She was surprised to find she was an indicated size 14 around the hips as she normally takes a 10 in jeans. However, when the size 14 leggings arrived they were the perfect fit.

After ordering, Alice received an email notification of the shipment tracking number and it only took a few days for the leggings to arrive.

First impression was that they were easy to pull on and felt instantly comfortable, fitting snugly in all the right places with no saggy bottom, fork or droopy knees.

They also felt supremely comfortable no matter what sort of bike she is sitting on. They have a decorative ribbed stitching on the knees which probably also serves to prevent them sagging after wearing them in a crouched position on sportsbikes.GoGo Gear Kevlar armoured leggings from BikieChic

Alice took the level 1 CE-approved armoured knee inserts out as she says they make her look like a grasshopper. That’s her decision.

There are also inside hip pockets to hold extra armour if you want to buy them, but I can’t imagine Alice, or any woman, wanting to make their lips look wider.

The leggings come with deep front pockets that will fit most phones, but not her huge iPhone 6+. There are no back pockets, but that doesn’t concern Alice as she says that would make her bottom appear lumpy.

She’s now worn them on a few winter rides and says they are surprisingly warm. If it becomes really cold, she says she could easily wear them under another pair of jeans for extra warmth.

It will be interesting to see how they cope with the hotter weather, although it appears they are quite breathable.

One feature she loves is the addition of belt loops to keep them up. She says she couldn’t find any other leggings with belt loops.GoGo Gear Kevlar armoured leggings from BikieChic

However, she says she doesn’t really need a belt to keep her leggings up, but wears one as a fashion statement, anyway.

The leggings fit nicely into boots without feeling packed in and uncomfortable.

They are machine washable and haven’t changed shape or shrunk with a couple of hot washes.

The GoGo Gear leggings are made of abrasion-resistant polyester cotton with 5% Spandex for stretch while the liner is a mixture of Spandex and 95% DuPont Kevlar 275gsm fibre to provide a good level of abrasion protection.

You can read all about their product testing results here.

All orders in Australia come with free shipping and they are available in women’s sizes 6-26 in black only.

  1. The Go Go Gear leggings are absolutely brilliant. Comfortable (with the knee armour removed) and warm. Maybe a tad too warm in summer? Not sure as I have only worn them this winter. The only issue I have is the waistband rolls but wearing a belt fixes that problem.

    1. Hi Zaida,
      She says they don’t get prickly hot but they are quite thick and don’t let a lot of breeze through.
      They are also black so they attract the heat.

  2. I’ve had these since July ’16 and I’ve got to say I’m disappointed. So many parts of these leggings have fallen apart (belt loops, Velcros disintegrated and it’s teeth stuck in the Kevlar and scratching me, hole in the Kevlar etc) that I’ve stopped wearing them by Oct cause I didn’t feel that they would protect me.

  3. I just bought these today and I want to say that following the size chart is important as stated everywhere online. I normally wear a size 27 or 28 in jeans and a size 6, but I went with a size 10 in these and they fit perfect. So don’t be afraid to go up a size or even 2, they definitely do run small.
    Haven’t worn them yet but they do seem a bit heavy for hot summer days. Will wear them for night riding though and cool spring days.

  4. Well…I actually crashed in them last weekend. Be warned. Taking the knee pads out is not a good idea- those pads are the only thing to protect you. I hit the ground at 60km/h and rolled (did NOT slide) and the kevlar inside did not hold even that one second. I have road rash on my knee. Keep in mind if you slide on your bum or side leg the same will happen. I am yet to find out what GoGo gear will say about this. Of course kevlar isn’t unbreakable but it should hold for that 1 or 2 seconds. I think I will be ordering Draggins (claiming and testing 7sec). Otherwise I really loved the look…pity I can’t recommend them as protective gear at all!

  5. I found the quality to be really poor, and the company’s response matched.
    I sent an email and then a FB message to the company outlining the following issues. That was over two years ago. I’m still waiting for a reply.

    1. The inner lining is a different measurement from the outer lining. This means that the bottom of the leggings scrunch up and give me a dorky Steve Erkel vibe with the legs sitting way too high. There are pictures attached to show how the legs are scrunched up. This is also a safety issue as there is some leg exposed between the top of my boots and the leggings.

    2. The seam at the waistband is thick and bulges out, looking a bit silly. I don’t have a pic of that, but just wanted to send that piece of feedback along too.

    3. The last piece of feedback is that the quality of material colour doesn’t seem to be good. Although I’ve only ever washed them in cold water and dried them indoors in the shade, the colour/dye is patchy and faded to a worn/brown/grey kind of colour (see attached photos).

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