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Go High Performance Chain Wax

Go High Performance Chain Wax

Go High Performance Chain Wax Review Summary
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Made in South Africa and endorsed by motorcycle racer Wayne Gardner, Go High Performance Chain Wax is described by the manufacturer as “a unique emulsion chain lubricant ideally suited to all motorcycle uses.

It lubricates better, stays on the chain longer than other dry lubes, and keeps the chain cleaner.”

The manufacturer states that the product is “a wax based, solvent-free, long-lasting dry lube for motorcycle chains”.

The product is claimed to be produced for Go under license by the world’s leading wax manufacturer.

The manufacturer claims that “It is blended under specially controlled conditions from a number of specially selected waxes, extreme pressure additives and dry lubricants.”

Go Chain Wax is also claimed to be biodegradable. The product shown here is a 4 oz. (120 ml) container squeeze bottle. It looks similar to a liquid auto wax.

The manufacturer’s instructions call for applying the lube and allowing it to dry “for at least 30 minutes”. The instructions also say it is best to allow the lube to dry overnight. Also, after the first application, the product is supposed to be re-applied after five minutes. This makes the lube procedure more complicated than a spray.

We found it rather difficult to apply; with a consistency similar to a liquid car was, it must be squeezed on to the chain and then worked into the links, and it doesn’t seem to spread down into the links, although when applied on the inside of the bottom run of the chain, it moves through after the motorcycle’s wheels turn when the bike is in motion.

We tried using paper towels to spread the material on to the chain but that seemed to simply spread the product around without really getting it into the chain. A brush worked better but seems messy.

After it’s applied, there is a lot of the product is left on the chain which did cause some fling-off. What’s left can attract dirt, despite the company’s claims that the “composition significantly reduces dirt build-up on the chain; therefore no grinding paste will form”. It does not dry or evaporate.

So the most difficult part of applying the Go Chain Wax we think is getting a thin, even coat all over the chain.

Also, the instructions caution that the product must be applied at the first use to a clean and dry chain with previous chain lube removed. This is very difficult to achieve. However, they also state that the chain doesn’t have to be degreased on following applications.

The manufacturer makes several claims for the product regarding longevity of the product and chain life, which we are ot able to verify.


An interesting product with potential but it’s more time-consuming and difficult to apply than a simple spray. We just couldn’t get it to spread smoothly on the chain, nor did we feel comfortable that the product was getting down into the link plates where it might do the most good. Whether or not it will make a chain last longer and for how much longer is the question, and will it be worth the extra effort?

Go High Performance Chain Wax
Go High Performance Chain Wax Chain lube applied to side plates for demonstration purposes only)

Publication Date: May 2010

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