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Givi Luggage

The Givi E52 Maxia Top Box

Givi Luggage Review Summary
Review Summary

Looking for more space on your ride?  How about adding a top case?

Givi has the solution if you have a space issue – or if you just want to dress up your bike!

They’ve created the “Mother Of All Cases” at 52 liters in capacity: the Givi E52 “Maxia” (part #E52), a continuation in their successful line of “Monokey” motorcycle luggage.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the biggest fish in the sea.  The case comfortably holds two full size helmets and still has room for a light jacket (see photos below).

How flexible is it?  Consider this:  they even had a stock mounting plate for my 1990 Honda Pacific Coast (part #SR10.  That’s flexibility!

The case comes painted in a standard matte black color (part #E52N) or it can be ordered in variants that are color matched by Givi to factory paint codes for most motorcycles.  Their “Candy Apple Red” (part #E52R301) is a dead-on match for Honda’s “Candy Glory Red” on my PC800.

Options for the E52 include two types of backrests (parts #E95 and E95S) a rack for the top (part #E96), an inner liner bag (part #E73) and my favorite option: the brake light kit (part #E97).

The main case can function as either a regular top case, or it can easily be removed to carry as a suitcase.  The latching mechanism and key locks the case to the mounting plate, allows for easy access to the inside of the case or pops out a convenient carry handle.

Integrated electrical contacts provided in the optional brake light kit mean that even if you are using the case’s optional hookups, you’ll never have to worry about disconnecting wires to remove the Givi.

The low and wide stance of the E52 gives the case a very stylized, even streamlined, profile; very Italian indeed.  Performance and construction is excellent.  The case lid makes a solid opening and closing sound, which gives its owner a high degree of confidence that the contents are protected from the elements.  The design of the lip on the E52 ensures that even a driving rain isn’t a cause for alarm, at least as far as the cases’ contents are concerned.

The back pad option is an easy installation, requiring about 5 minutes of effort to complete.  The included template matches up perfectly with the case, and there are even “dimples” where Givi marked the case for drilling to help ensure an easy installation.  All of my passengers have said that the back rest on the case is extremely comfortable.  I chose to go with the soft rubber back pad, although the overall dimensions for both styles appear to be identical.

Installation of the optional brake light kit is straightforward.  It requires removing two side plates from the outside of the case by removing a small set screw from the inside and popping out a precut panel on either side of the back.  You simply install a rubber gasket, push in the light assembly and connect the wires and reinstall the plates you removed.

Completing the routing of the wiring is simple, placing the wires in preformed channels and installing a cover plate to protect them.  The wires terminate into the electrical quick connect plug, and voila – you’re in business.

The case mounting plate attaches very easily, and all the mounting hardware is a perfect fit.  A quick slap from a hammer removes a preformed knockout plug to allow the installation of the bottom electrical connection, which will need to be routed to one of the motorcycle’s rear brake light wires.  Electrical quick connectors (provided) make connecting the Givi to the bike’s brake light electrical wiring a simple job.

The first time riding after installation you may notice that the motorcycle’s handling is a touch different, especially if the case has been loaded with a pair of helmets.  The increased weight and shift in the center of gravity takes some getting used to, but there are no severe handling challenges; the benefits far outweigh any negatives.

Givi Luggage - Givi E52 Brake Light Kit

Givi Luggage - Givi E52 Used as Hand Carried Luggage

The additional brake lights send a clear message to anyone behind you that you’re stopping.  The brake lights are very bright, even in the daylight, and they place the rider’s intentions at eye level of drivers in most four wheeled vehicles.

The additional space frees up other bags (or the trunk in my case) for anything else you feel you might need to carry, such as a rain suit.  More importantly, this intelligent design looks as if it came with the bike.  I’ve seen some top cases added that stick out like a sore thumb, saying “I’m aftermarket” but the Givi E52, when color matched, tends to blend in with the lines of the bike.

All in all, this product gets the three “f’s” right: form, fit and function.  With a standard two year warranty, the Givi E52 isn’t much of a gamble.  If you want to add storage, this top case might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Givi Luggage - Givi E52 Maxia

Givi Luggage - Givi E52 Handle and Locking Mechanism

Givi E52 Luggage Capacity

Givi Luggage - Givi E52 Rack

wBW Product Review:  Givi E52 Luggage

Available From:  Givi srl List Price (2006):  Shown here – color matched bag (E52R301) is $350.56; Backrest (E95S) is $70.00 (soft rubber); Rack (E96) is $70.70; Inner Bag Liner (E73) is $71.10 and the Brake Light Kit (E97) is $54.00.
Colors:  Color matching for many different motorcycles. Made in:  Italy
Review Date:  November 2006

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From “Tb”:  “I’ve only owned my GIVI top case for a few months now and I agree its very useful.  Even though I got the flat black one on my copper SV650s, it still looks great.

I would personally recommend the SW-Motech top rack rather than the GIVI one.  It’s overall a much cleaner design both mounted or un-mounted and is quite simple to install.  I think that its similar price and unobtrusiveness and quality should warrant as an alternative to the GIVI top rack.”

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