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Gemopai Will Release the Miso Electric Scooter in June 2020

gemopai electric scooter

A Small Commuter?

The Indian scooter company Gemopai will release a new electric scooter for the Indian market in June. This scooter is a little different than some of the other options out there. It will be designed specifically for the Indian market and be a low-speed option, according to Express Drives.

When I say low speed, I mean it. The bike will have a top speed of only 19 mph. Gemopai is calling the bike the Miso. While its speed is low, the bike has a respectable range of 40 miles. That will be perfect for commuting and have a very small footprint overall. It’s a vehicle that will be super-inexpensive, too. Gemopai plans to sell these for the equivalent of $593. That means pretty much anyone will be able to buy one, and it will likely be a great alternative to an e-scooter you stand on or a bicycle.

Right now Gemopai has about 60 dealers across the country. That will likely expand in the future. I could see this taking off in a place like India with high congestion in the streets. It would be more hard-pressed in the U.S. but even here I could see these being a hit in large cities. With a price that low and a range of about 40 miles, it’s a scooter that’s honestly really usable day-to-day in urban settings. It will be interesting to see this bike when it officially debuts in June.