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GearWrench Half Moon Wrench Set Review

The "Half Moon" GearWrench

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GearWrench Half Moon Wrench Set Review Summary
Review Summary

GearWrench tools have excellent quality, appearance and feel.

They’re made from highly polished chrome and have a lifetime warranty.

They’re also light weight and thin and need as little as 5 degrees of sweep to move a fastener.

There’s now a reversing lever on both sides of the wrench on both box ends.

I couldn’t resist this “Half Moon” GearWrench box-end set.

I’d never seen a wrench set like this before — it looks like it was left by the fire a little too long!

But these will be perfect for some jobs.

Like, for example, those silly bolts inside the BMW Airhead airbox that are just about impossible to remove with any other wrench.

The combination of the bent shape and the GearWrench 5-degree ratcheting box-end will be perfect for many hard-to-reach motorcycle fasteners.

GearWrench tools work really well for motorcycle repair and maintenance.

The thin profile of most GearWrench tools  makes it easy to fit them into the tight confines of a motorcycle.

There’s not much more we can say about GearWrench wrenches that we haven’t already said, but I thought this Half Moon configuration was cool enough to warrant its own review for the benefit of our visitors.

The GearWrench folks keep coming up with more and more configurations.

As a tool freak, I can’t have enough tools, so every time they release a new design, it seems to end up in my toolbox.

I love multiple-use tools, and these fit the bill for sure. Instead of buying a set of straight box-end wrenches, this Half Moon set will serve the same purpose whilst adding a little spice to your toolbox.

The GearWrench Half Moon wrenches also have an added bonus: reversing levers on both sides of each box end!

The ratcheting box end wrench concept must be very popular, because there are a ton of competitors out there. But having a reversing lever on both sides is a real benefit.

The Half Moon GearWrench Set

GearWrench products have come a long way since they first hit the market several years ago.

These examples are very high quality, with deep chrome, ratcheting box-ends that sound like a precision medical instrument and the reversing levers have a really nice, tight feel. They’re a pleasure to use!

The ratcheting box ends of the Half Moon wrenches also have the GearWrench “Surface Drive” feature.

The wrench can be applied very tight to a flat surface, unlike some other box-end wrenches which have a rounded or recessed head, leaving the “teeth” too far away from the flats of the fastener to get a good grip.

The teeth of a GearWrench are configured so that they are a tiny bit farther away from the flats of the fastener, which gives them more grip and prevents rounding of fasteners, according to GearWrench.

The metric 5-piece set contains 10x12mm, 11x13mm, 14x16mm, 15x17mm, and 19x22mm wrenches.

The SAE 4-piece set contains 3/8″x7/16″, 1/2″x9/16″, 5/8″x11/16″ and 3/4″x7/8 wrenches.


GearWrench products have been continuously improved over the last several years.

They are not made to apply tons of torque to break rusted nuts or bolts, but your machinery should never get to that condition anyway, and if it does, there are many other methods to try rather than brute force.

These are precision tools that are fun to use and make it a pleasure to work on any motorcycle. Note also that GearWrench tools carry a lifetime warranty.

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Manufacturer: GearWrench List Price (2004): $183.00 (5 set)
Colors: Polished chrome Made In: Taiwan
Review Date: January 2004
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