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Why Gap Insurance is important for a new bike

gap Insurance motocycle differences

There is nothing more thrilling than purchasing a new motorbike, but it can be easy to forget about a few of the not-so-glamorous aspects. One of these is making sure that you have adequate protection in place in case you have an accident and write-off your bike or it is stolen. 


Unfortunately, this is all too common when it comes to motorbikes and even the best riders can easily write-off their wheels. All it takes is one lapse in concentration or an error from someone driving a car (the biggest threat to motorcyclists). The majority assume that their comprehensive insurance policy will cover them in this scenario, but they may only pay out the current market value of the bike. Gap insurance Hiring a lawyer after a motorcycle crash duty motorcycle safety


The depreciation rate for motorbikes varies depending on various factors, but a typical sports bike will lose as much as 36% of its value after just a year of ownership and continue to fall. This means that if you were to get into an accident and write the motorbike off, or if it were stolen, you would be left seriously out of pocket and without a ride.

Gap Insurance

Fortunately, Gap Insurance is a solution to this problem. This will cover the shortfall between the insurance payout and the amount that you originally paid or the amount outstanding on your finance agreement. This allows you to protect the value of the vehicle and provides complete peace of mind knowing that you are protected. Gap Insurance should always be purchased from a specialist provider, like ALA, as this ensures you get the best level of cover and the best value. 

Important Cover

Some may say this is an unnecessary insurance policy, but accidents happen far too frequently and often these are not your fault. In addition, this type of insurance also protects you against theft and fire. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to insurance, particularly when you consider the cost of buying a replacement bike.

Many people are riding around with the assumption that their insurer will cover them if they write their bike off, but this is not necessarily true. Gap Insurance is an important type of cover for motorcyclists as it could save them a huge amount of money if they were to be involved in an accident. 

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