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Funcula was built in about 4 weeks in raw form during the shooting of the Kerri Kasem episode of “Build or Bust” Season 1 (2005). This was a major undertaking and little sleep was had, with cameras rolling and Ms. Kasem in need of help, who had time for sleep? The chassis, front fork, sheet metal, etc.. were all made in house LACC Originals. The folks at SRAM who make RockShox generously provided an assortment of cool stuff for Funcula, another version of the “Garder” front fork was hatched for this project and our friend Bill Wall did the seat justice. A few months later and the bike was torn down for coatings and reassembled as in the following images. As with all our bikes, this thing was a blast to ride, it was also featured in “Art of the Chopper II”

Built In: U.S.A.Bike Style: Bobber

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Funcula Bike Specifications – LA Choprods

Class Styling Bobber
Featured Parts Open Primary
Frame Custom One Off Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank
Handlebars / Risers Drag / Straight Bars
Intake Cover Teardrop Style
Motor Config Shovelhead
Oil tank Barrel / Keg
Paint Color(s) Green
Suspension Front Girder
Suspension Rear Rigid / Hardtail
Wheels Standard 40-80 spokes