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Full-Faired MT-07 to Fill R6’s Absence In Yamaha’s 2022 Lineup

Yamaha R7 Concept
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Is It an R7 Or an MT-07 F?

Back in Q4 2020, we saw Yamaha slowly roll out their 2021 motorcycle model lineup but were left puzzled when there was no R6 to be found. It turns out that our guesses were correct and Yamaha is indeed planning on a build featuring fairings based around the MT-07 to replace the R6 in the meantime.

Originally, we assumed that the R6 was perhaps pushed back due to updated Euro 5 regulations leaving Yamaha to scramble for an answer. Regardless of whether the model drop had anything to do with emissions or declining sales, the R6 was dropped and it left a sizable hole in Yamaha’s sportbike lineup going forwards. At the end of the day, only having the R3 and R1 in the lineup leaves a 100+ horsepower gap for riders seeking a bike between beginner and expert riding.

Yamaha MT-07
2021 Yamaha MT-07

Per MCN, Yamaha could be planning on releasing a redone MT-07 featuring full fairings that closely represent the R6 releasing some time before the fall of 2021.

If the new faired MT-07 is built off of the same frame (we can assume the new CP2 inline-two engine will be present) you can expect that the ergonomics of this bike will still be slightly less sporty than the R6, and could perhaps more closely represent something like Aprilia’s new Tuono 660; a sportbike with a more upright riding position.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that the outgoing R6 produced around 110 horsepower, whereas the current 2021 MT-07 pushes closer to 74 horsepower. The new CP2 engine is more torque-focused than the top-end heavy R6 engine, but there is still 30-40 horsepower missing from the equation if Yamaha decides this bike will be good enough to directly replace the R6. With this CP2 engine being brand newly developed for the 2021 year, it’s unlikely that we will see the blue team give it a further update to increase power, so it’s more likely that this bike will compete with the likes of bikes such as the CBR650R, instead of the top end CBR650RR that the R6 danced with.

As for the name, whether or not Yamaha is going to use the R7 name or something closer to MT-07F (‘F’ is for fairings) will have to be seen closer to release.

    1. MT-07 never had a good suspension since it’s inception to keep the price low so not sure if they can while maintaining the price point, with reduced HP.

  1. “If its priced right and had good enough suspension, it’ll sell out.”
    Well that is a tautology equally applicable to all motorcycle brands.
    Yamaha won’t be calling this thing an R7, that name was used for it’s 750cc firebreather homologation race bike special sold in VERY limited numbers back in the 90’s.

    1. Not needless wordage at all.
      The Mt07 suspension sucks
      Therefore that area needs improvement.
      Thanks for your highly valued input.
      No further nonsense from you going forward.

      1. As for the r7
        I’m fully aware, saw it race in wsb multiple times,
        Thought hizzy was a gonna in his huge crash at brands.
        Thanks again.

  2. They need go do this with the mt10 aswell, give it an extra bit of luggage capacity and it would knock ninja 1000sx off the best sellers list!

  3. It’s a Fraud ….. But there enough Stupid People to Pay $10,000 for a $6,500 Bike that looks like a Real Bike …… if it succeeds, more Mediocrity on the Way …. Buy a Real Yamaha MT09 SP

  4. It pains me to say this as an avid Yamaha rider but dropping out the mid level R6 is going to push a significant population to ride red.

  5. I have a MT07 it is a good bike. But it has failings that should have been an ‘SP’ model by now with USD forks and a fully adjustable rear shock and radial brakes and a better seat, a better exhaust system with changeable muffler. I have a comfort seat option and it is still uncomfortable. Come on Yamaha step up to plate, the MT07 deserves it and so do we. Thank you.

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