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Foot warmers for motorcycle riders

Gecktek Hotfoot foot warmers on Fat Boy
Gecktek Hotfoot foot warmers on Fat Boy

Just in time for winter comes this unique twist on heated controls – inner-boot foot warmers with no wires connected to your boots or lumpy batteries.

While there may have been systems before that heat the footpegs and systems that heat your boots and have wires connected, the Gecktek “HotFoot” is different because it heats the inside of your boot without wires and batteries, and it doesn’t heat the footpegs.

HotFoot consists of replacement footpegs which are wired to your bike and include a conduction coil that is shielded from the bike. They are connected to a control unit with an oscillator and a control switch on the handlebars.

The rider then installs a thin and flexible metal insole inside their boot – no wires needed – which warms up when it reacts with the magnetic field from the footpegs. The footpeg stays cold while the inside of your boot heats up.

The foot warmers were invented by Brit Tony Price and his Australian brother-in-law Albert Berry who formed the technology development company Gecktek.

Tony installed them on his Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by mounting low-profile footpegs on top of the floorboards.

Gecktek Hotfoot foot warmers on Fat Boy
Gecktek HotFoot foot warmers on a Fat Boy

He claims it’s the world’s first wire- and battery-free footwarming system for a motorcycle or other uncovered vehicle.

The basic HotFoot AW2 at £245 ($A470) has a static warmth setting, while the HotFoot AW1 costs £295 ($A570) and offers total control with three settings and a two-minute boost control for extra heat on demand.

Tony says HotFoot has low power consumption at 1.5amps on the high setting and up to 3amps on boost.

He says the advantage of HotFoot is that there is no need to change batteries or stop to connect plugs and wires.

Both systems come in self-install kits with a bar-mounted on/off switch, control box and two footpegs, and they can only be ordered online.