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First home motorcycle simulator raises funds

LeanGP home motorcycle simulator

The world’s first affordable home motorcycle simulator has moved closer to reality with a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign that surpassed its goal in less than a day.

LeanGP CTO Adria Saz Marti says the simulator has plug-and-play capability so it is ready to play right out of the box and will be fully compatible withPlaystation4, Xbox, PC Windows, SmarthPhone, all video games and virtual reality systems such as OculusRift, HTCvive and PSVR.

The Spanish company’s crowd-funding campaign launched on Monday (February 26, 2018) and has already raised more than its $31,316 goal.

LeanGP will cost €899 (about $A1400) if you support it through Kickstarter. Otherwise it will be €1199 (about $A1885) when it hits the market in April.

That’s not bad when you consider some motorcycle simulators cost up to €50,000 (about $A78,400).

Yet like those more expensive simulators, the LeanGP home simulator has return force for lateral tilt, vibration, etc, so it should feel close to a real riding experience.

Adria says the “bike” will be adjustable to suit any size rider and customisable like a real bike with levers and grips.

There will also be the ability for riders to race against each other over the internet.

When we published an article last year about the LeanGP home simulator project, we were swamped with interest.

No doubt this will be a very popular plaything for some riders on cold and rainy days.

They say it is compact, lightweight and can fold away when not in use.LeanGP home motorcycle simulator

Simulator history

Motorcycle simulators began with amusement arcade rides and a video screen in front that reacted to the way you leaned, braked and accelerated on the “motorcycle” attached to a pivoting mount.

More expensive and sophisticated simulators are now being used my manufacturers to help develop their new models.

Last year, British software company rFpro signed an agreement with an unnamed motorcycle manufacturer to supply the software to evaluate and develop chassis configurations quicker and cheaper.rFpro simulator software home

Dutch simulator company Cruden uses a virtual reality head-mounted display and sells their expensive unit road safety organisations, universities and race teams.

Cruden motorcycle Simulators home
Cruden motorcycle simulator

And one Californian BMW dealer is using a specially mounted motorcycle and virtual reality goggles. It allows non-riders to take a bike for a spin – even a wheelie – before buying or getting their licence.

Virtual Reality online beginner simulator home
BMW dealership offers virtual reality test rides