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Finn Update Helmet Intercom Speakers

Updated Finn intercom speakers

One of the major failings with motorcycle helmet intercoms is the poor quality of their speakers.

Recently Sena and Cardo (JBL speakers) updated their intercoms with bigger, louder, thinner and better-quality speakers.

We have tested these upgraded speakers as well as some aftermarket speakers and the improvement in sound is welcome. You wouldn’t listen to music at home wth crappy speakers, so why do it when you’re out riding!

And for those who say music is a distraction, maybe they shouldn’t be riding … or even driving as all cars have sound systems!

One of the aftermarket speakers I reviewed was a set of $30 speakers from Finn Moto. I found they provided a substantial improvement in sound for a budget price.

Now, they have made them thinner and bigger which means they are more comfortable next to your ears, as well as louder and with better bass.

In fact, for those who know about audio quality, the output is now from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The problem is that wind noise tends to cancel out the bass end in most speakers.

However, these seem to retain a lot of that fulsome deep sound.

It’s not audiophile quality, but it’s a lot better than before.

Updated Finn intercom speakers

Best of all, they are now just $27.95.

While the speakers look a lot bigger, most of that size is the padded surrounds which make them comfortable against your ears.

Flip them over and the actual speaker unit is no bigger. Yet the sound is better.

And they are much thinner which again improves comfort.

They come with Velcro attachments so you can securely position them right over your ears for optimum sound.

It’s a small price to pay to vastly improve the quality of your sound.

So if, like me, you enjoy music and riding, why not double your enjoyment with a good set of speakers in your helmet intercom?