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Maria Costello posing in riding gear

Powersports is often viewed as a male-dominated industry—and indeed, many important contributions to the field have been made by men. But women have been integral to the development of high-speed vehicles and the culture that surrounds them as well, and their contributions are acknowledged far less often. We’re not making that mistake here today. Read …

Damon HyperSport

Big Things on the Horizon for Damon Motorcycles Sitting at a table in the Damon Motorcycles lab and design center wearing a snug-fitting sweater Jay Giraud looked 100 percent the tech company CEO that he is. A clay model of the HyperSport sat in the background over his right shoulder and a prototype of the …

Custom Giants Indian Larry, Paul Cox and Keino Sasaki on their custom Indian Motorcycle

On April 14, Indian Motorcycles made headlines by announcing a series of customization projects in the works – models based on the 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse, to show the incredible versatility of the bike.  Three renowned V-twin custom builders were selected and given full rein to create a completely custom representation and interpretation of …

A view of a Kawasaki Ninja H2SX SE with mountains in the background

The Winner of the $200,000 Fantasy Garage Contest Is… Firstly, THANK YOU all for participating in this fun contest! The spirit was one of fun and fantasy to be enjoyed by all. I think we accomplished that with help from you, the readers! Read all the submissions at the bottom of the original article. I …

CM FA-13 Combat Stealth Bomber by Combat Motors

You really can’t call your company Combat Motors and not have some inspiration from militaries past and present. Therefore, on April 2, 1991, such a company sprung into being in California, and set about both building up the contacts and partners within the motorcycle industry to make their ideas into reality, and also putting those …

Interview: Karleen Eberle, Owner and Designer of Raven Rova Women’s Motorcycle Gear

It was a hot July summer evening, and this chikita had just finished her beginner’s motorcycle course. I was stoked, sure…more importantly, I was desperately in need of good gear. I beelined for the nearest local moto dealership, on a mission to find something that fit better than the horror I had MacGyvered for the …

Dave Moss Tuning

The motorcycling community is made up of millions of riders worldwide. And this community has been built on the foundation of past generations – like most sports, groups, or communities.  Since 1995, Dave Moss Tuning has had one transparent goal, in fact, it’s clearly stated on his website – “Dave Moss has been on a …

Rich Ellis Trackday

Among the millions of motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, there are always a few die-hards that help the growth of the moto community. These individuals do so by hosting track days, opening up motorcycle shops, teaching new riders, and hosting events for anybody interested in becoming a better rider – or racer, as is …

New Glory Flag Bike 2000 Harley-Davidson Low Rider Custom

As we reported earlier this month, Road Guardians is auctioning off the Harley-Davidson New Glory Flag Bike, with the entries ending next Monday, May 31. We’re happy to report that this deadline has been extended! The official drawing will be on July 4, 2021, in a LIVE broadcast from Choppertown at the Cross Country Chase …



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