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Rich Ellis Trackday

Among the millions of motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, there are always a few die-hards that help the growth of the moto community. These individuals do so by hosting track days, opening up motorcycle shops, teaching new riders, and hosting events for anybody interested in becoming a better rider – or racer, as is …

New Glory Flag Bike 2000 Harley-Davidson Low Rider Custom

As we reported earlier this month, Road Guardians is auctioning off the Harley-Davidson New Glory Flag Bike, with the entries ending next Monday, May 31. We’re happy to report that this deadline has been extended! The official drawing will be on July 4, 2021, in a LIVE broadcast from Choppertown at the Cross Country Chase …

New Glory Flag Bike 2000 Harley-Davidson Low Rider Custom

In the USA, there is no name that defines the open road and freedom more than Harley-Davidson. These are the V-twin baggers, cruisers, low riders, and long-distance tourers that are meant to cruise down an Interstate, rumbling out a throaty bellow. These are the bikes that have defined more than one generation. These are the …

Marlon Brando Riding A Triumph Thunderbird In A Promotional Poster

The 1950s was an interesting decade for the motorcycle industry. As countries began to show signs of economic improvement after the devastation of World War II, motorcycle manufacturers could begin to innovate in new directions. While affordable mobility was still an important part of a motorcycle’s design, the humble motorcycle was slowly being replaced by …

HERO 1993 Honda CBR900RR Parked On A Road

There’s no doubt that the motorcycling landscape is changing. Over a relatively short period of time, we’ve seen a bigger focus on emissions regulations, the development of affordable electric models, and unexpected new trends. While we know that many governments across the globe have ambitious plans to phase out the production of new internal combustion …

1942 Indian 841

The 1940s was a particularly turbulent decade in world history, dominated by the Second World War causing widespread destruction all over the globe. As the Allies and Axis powers battled in different theatres, the world’s largest industrial manufacturers were forced to support the war effort in whatever way they could, and a wave of innovation …

The Most Iconic Motorcycle Helmets of All Time

To a motorcyclist, a motorcycle helmet is an indispensable piece of protective equipment. It protects your head from damage, protects your face from the elements, and helps to keep your concentration fixed on the road. For some motorcyclists, their choice of helmet is even more important than their choice of motorcycle! The first motorcycle helmet …

arai xd-4 vs shoei hornet x2 vs klim krios pro

A Three Helmet Showdown Is About To Go Down Search the internet today using the words “Best (insert topic here)” and you’ll get plenty of opinionated claims popping up from a myriad of sources touting their impartiality and honesty. But who can you really trust? It’s getting harder and harder to know whether the source …

ARCH KRGT-1 riding along a highway

Arch Motorcycle is a luxury American motorcycle manufacturer based in Hawthorne, California. The company was founded in 2011 by actor Keanu Reeves and bike designer Gard Hollinger. Together, the duo and the rest of the team at Arch Motorcycle create exclusive and bespoke machines for discerning customers. Though the company was officially founded in 2011, …



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