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The Most Iconic Motorcycle Helmets of All Time

To a motorcyclist, a motorcycle helmet is an indispensable piece of protective equipment. It protects your head from damage, protects your face from the elements, and helps to keep your concentration fixed on the road. For some motorcyclists, their choice of helmet is even more important than their choice of motorcycle! The first motorcycle helmet …

arai xd-4 vs shoei hornet x2 vs klim krios pro

A Three Helmet Showdown Is About To Go Down Search the internet today using the words “Best (insert topic here)” and you’ll get plenty of opinionated claims popping up from a myriad of sources touting their impartiality and honesty. But who can you really trust? It’s getting harder and harder to know whether the source …

ARCH KRGT-1 riding along a highway

Arch Motorcycle is a luxury American motorcycle manufacturer based in Hawthorne, California. The company was founded in 2011 by actor Keanu Reeves and bike designer Gard Hollinger. Together, the duo and the rest of the team at Arch Motorcycle create exclusive and bespoke machines for discerning customers. Though the company was officially founded in 2011, …

Black Victory Octane Parked On Track

When the Victory story came to an end in 2017, the brand left behind a legacy. Or rather, the departure of Victory left a hole in the market that still hasn’t been filled. While many riders may state that the market is already saturated with American-style cruisers, Victory offered something different. It breathed a breath …

riding a can-am spyder

Making Way for a New Generation of Riders There is no doubt that Can-Am’s on-road fleet is designed to overcome traditional barriers to riding. Both the Spyder and the Ryker have created easily accessible opportunities for ridership where none previously existed. When Women Lead Josée Perreault, Senior Vice-President of Can-Am On-Road, explains the vision behind …

Jesse Dalba Livewire Sturgis

A Long Ride for Any Bike The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is a polarizing motorcycle. People seem to either love it or hate it. No matter how you feel about it, you have to admit that Harley put a lot of time and effort into it. There is a relatively small community of riders who love their …

Unique Vision Squandered by Harley-Davidson Buell Motorcycle Company is best known for its connection with Harley-Davidson. It’s one of the many things you can point to in Harley’s long history that The Motor Company managed to mess up, but that’s really only part of the story of Buell.  The company’s story spans nearly four decades. …

Guide to SNELL M2020 Standard

The Snell Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates standards for helmets for vehicular activities including motorcycling. My colleagues Jim and Cameron went to the Snell Foundation’s headquarters last year to see exactly how the professionals there do their testing and create the standards that have a major impact on the motorcycle industry and the …

Need an Adventure Machine? The SUVs of the motorcycle world are adventure bikes. They’re the motorcycles that are designed to do anything and pretty much everything. They can take you across the country comfortably, traverse difficult terrain, and they even handle much better than expected on a twisty canyon road. These motorcycles are the Swiss …



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