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Exhaust Pipe Wraps – How To Install These the Right Way, the First Time

If you’ve been thinking about installing exhaust pipe wraps, you want to be sure you do it right the first time! Look no further than this video from J&P Cycles. This video shows you just how to get it done at home using your own tools.

First, you’ll want to take the wrap out of the package and put it in some water. This will stretch it out a bit and allow you to create a tighter wrap.

Take the exhaust off the bike to prepare for the wrapping process. Once you have them off, line them up so you can mark how far down you want to wrap.

Get the wrap out of the water. Keep it kind of rolled up, if you can. Start near the heat shield, fold over the end of the wrap where you start, and begin wrapping with a full overlap. Once you get a good start, put a clamp on it.

Continue wrapping and keep as much pressure on as you can. Try to overlap about 50%.

Once you have the full exhaust wrapped, cut the wrap and fold the end over. Then clamp the other end down. Continue the same process with the second pipe and reinstall them on the bike.

Now you are ready to ride!

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